Welcome to Cruise Bruise – The Blog
Welcome to Cruise Bruise – The Blog

The Cruise Ship Bruising Report is the largest and oldest cruise network in the world. Created in December 2005, Cruise Bruise has evolved into more than 70 websites expanding into specific topic sectors.

This is the blog for Cruise Bruise the website which is known for  full feature investigations, with Wikipedia style documentation for supporting article references.

The main website includes Cruise Bruise InvestigatesCruise Ship CrimeCruise IncidentsCruise IllnessCruise LawsCruise StatisticsCruising StoriesPassenger InformationCruise Travel Warnings and Book Reviews.

Cruise Bruise Investigates covers all topic sectors with a focus on cruise law news including lawsuits and cruise ship passenger and crew arrests, cruise port crime arrests, cruise industry news, cruise line and cruise ship news.

We have been and are an information service, providing cruise ship passenger information, which includes real time cruise ship trackers, weather, cruise ship schedules, cruise ship webcams, live streaming cruise port web cams and 360 views, cruise ship video clips, cruise port information and cruise industry promotional materials through our Cruise Bruise News Daily newspaper.

We have and continue to go through an extensive upgrade, with a focus on mobile-friendly content. As always, we do not just regurgitate the news, we investigate news stories, bringing the facts, just the verified facts, unlike other cruise website “news services“. We delve into court cases and post the original, unedited court document. You will not find the unsubstantiated rumors found on other cruise industry “news” websites.

A cruise industry news website, be it a private mom and pop cruise website, a legal law blog or major media website which does NOT fact check every detail in the article, plain and simple is nothing but “fake news”. We have seen a huge growth in fake news on the web, the past few years. To ensure we are not fake news, we do our research. We may not be the first to report a case, but we are the most trusted.

We pride ourselves in bringing the researched facts, compiled of the  who, what, where, when and how of the event, to our curious visitors.  With over 40 million views network-wide since 2005, we have been the choice of millions of visitors for factual cruise industry news.

You can easily focus on the topics in our network, which are of interest to you.

For long term repeat visitors, you will notice our blog has undergone a major upgrade. Please excuse our dust in the coming months, as we convert the rest of the Cruise Ship Wave network to this new style with upgraded features.