Cruise Bruise Blog User Guide

When browsing blog entries look to the right side of the page for recent articles. At the bottom of each articles are tags for topics within the article.  If you want to see everything on a particular cruise line or destination,  click their tags to see everything on the blog related to that cruise line or destination .


If your interest are people who arrest for drugs on cruise ships, once you are reading one case, look for the category Cruise Ship Drugs’ and click it to see everyone who has been arrested for drugs. Articles are tagged with the date the incident took place as well. Clicking the 2016  tag will show you every incident we blogged in 2016.


You will note two icons in the tag area at the bottom of the post. The first icon looks like a file folder, it is the icon for categories. The second icon looks like a store tag, it the topic tag. You can click between catagories and/or tags as you surf the website.  Book mark the page for your favorite tag or category to pop in from time to time to see what is new in your chosen interest.


The Cruise Ship Video Clips category or tag will have posts which include a video.