Cruise Laws

GUILTY! Heather Mack Murder Trial

April 21, 2015 Janet Cole

Cruise Bruise: Heather Mack has been found guilty of the Bali “suitcase” murder of her mother, Sheila Von Weise-Mack. On Aug. 13, 2014, Schaefer and Mack were arrested in Bali. In April 2015, an Indonesian court […]

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Heather Mack Baby Born In Bali

March 20, 2015 Janet Cole

RCCL $1.5m settlement heiress murder trial continues March 24, for the murder of mom who inherited #cruise ship settlement from husband’s pool injury suit. The trial for Heather Mack began with her now seven months pregnant and showing, arriving […]

Cruise Laws

Cruise Ship Lawsuit Leads To Murder

August 20, 2014 Janet Cole

A RCCL lawsuit $1.5 million settlement leads to death in paradise, suitcase murder case. Court records for accused paint nasty image of their past. In the summer of 2001 James L. Mack, his wife Sheila Von Weiss-Mack […]