Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations Year of the Dog

Year of the Dog Pet Friendly Cruises

February 6, 2018 Janet Cole

Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations Year of the Dog (see video below). Dog is the eleventh in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac sign. Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China. Tied to the […]

Cartoon Network Cruise Ship Wave

Cartoon Network Launches First Cruise Ship Wave

January 28, 2018 Janet Cole

January 25, 2018, Oceanic Group formalized its partnership with Turner in a signing ceremony in Singapore, marking the official launch of Cartoon Network Wave (see video below), the world’s first Cartoon Network-themed cruise and Singapore’s […]


Rajkumar Agarwal Cruise Ship Overboard Update

October 12, 2015 Janet Cole

Shocking Claim – You decide if  “severe fight” with high ranking cruise ship officer “wearing white” lead to affluent cruise passenger overboard foul play as family member suggests. While we get cases of people overboard nearly every month, sometimes several times in the […]

Cruise Crime

Cruise Ship Missing Passenger Case Not Overboard

September 13, 2015 Janet Cole

The family of  cruise ship passenger reported overboard now thought to be held captive aboard the #cruise ship SuperStar Gemini.  Family says he didn’t have key card to enter room, couldn’t go overboard. Numerous  reports are now […]