Norwegian Breakaway Captain Orders Passenger Removal
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Norwegian Breakaway Captain Orders Passenger Removal

June 21, 2019 Janet Cole

Norwegian Breakaway Captain Orders Passenger Removal – Robert and Esther Gaines, from Miami, Florida claimed the incident occurred towards the beginning of a seven-night Eastern Caribbean cruise aboard Norwegian Breakaway in May this year, sailing from […]


More Cruise Ship Passengers From Hell

December 4, 2015 Janet Cole

Stupidity of one  #cruise ship passenger from hell causes Norwegian Sky to be evacuated at Port of Miami, before cruise to Bahamas began. Norwegian Sky was docked at the Port of Miami when it was evacuated Friday, December 4, 2015 […]


Pre-Book To Be Dead On Your Cruise

June 26, 2015 Janet Cole

#Cruise Bruise:  Walker Stalker Cruise Con Artists Stars Fans Miami to Bahamas revealed. Walker Stalker Cruise Con Artists Stars and Fans Cruise Announced Walker Stalker Con is a Zombie, Horror & Sci-Fi Fan Convention held in various […]


Live Cruise Ship Tracker Major Update

November 7, 2014 Janet Cole

and  World Cruise Ship Tracker had 85 cruise ships removed, 85 new cruise ships added now at Track 10,000+ cruise ships! Includes: Alaska Cruise Ship Tracker Caribbean Cruise Ship Tracker Cuba Cruise Ship Tracker Hawaii Cruise Ship […]