5.3 Eartthquake 29km SW of Santa Cruz Island California April 5 2018
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5.3 Earthquake Shakes Long Beach Cruise Port

April 6, 2018 Janet Cole

An offshore earthquake rattled (see video below) the shores of Southern California on Thursday, April 5, 2018, shortly after noon, the quake registered at a preliminary magnitude of 5.0, but was upgraded to 5.3 a […]

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7.3 Earthquake – 30km S of Halabjah Iraq

November 12, 2017 Janet Cole

A 7.3 earthquake stuck 30 kilometers south of Halabjah, Iraq on Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 18:18:17 hours.  Halabjah is the capital of Halabja Governorate, located about 240 km (150 mi) northeast of Baghdad and 14 km (9 mi) from the Iranian border. About 450 people were […]

6.8 Earthquake - 86km NE of Hihifo Tonga
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6.9 Earthquake – 86km NE of Hihifo Tonga

November 4, 2017 Janet Cole

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported that an earthquake (2 videos below) shook the south Pacific on Saturday November 4,  2017 at 09:00:19 UTC. The depth of the earthquake was 100 km deep. The USCS said […]

7.1 Earthquake 5km ENE of Raboso Mexico
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7.1 Earthquake Rocks Raboso Mexico

September 20, 2017 Janet Cole

09-19- 2017 at  18:14:39 UTC – Location: 18.584°N   98.399°W (see video below) UPDATE September 20, 2017: ABC News is reporting that “200 people are dead. Among the dead are at least 22 people, including students […]

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6.9 Earthquake 5km NNE of San Pablo Guatemala

June 14, 2017 Janet Cole

An estimate 6.9 earthquake took place today northeast of San Pablo, Guatemala. There have been over 600 reports so far, from those having reported feeling the earthquake. Currently, this area is getting heavy rainfall, as […]

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6.3 Earthquake 4km S of Plomarion Greece

June 12, 2017 Janet Cole

An Earthquake which was measured as 6.3, hit in the Mediterranean region of Europe near Plomarikon, Greece earlier today. (see video below) The strong earthquake shook the eastern Aegean on Monday, with preliminary readings of […]

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6.8 Earthquake 27km NW of Kasiguncu Indonesia

May 29, 2017 Janet Cole

The United States Geological Survey reports a preliminary magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck near Kasiguncu, Indonesia today.  There was no initial word on damage or injury resulting from the quake. Kasiguncu is an urban village in […]