Carnival Ecstasy Cruise Ship Fire July 20 1998
Cruise Ship Fires

Carnival Ecstasy Cruise Ship Fire

July 20, 2017 Janet Cole

On this day in cruise history, nineteen years ago today on  Monday July 20, 1998 Carnival Cruise Lines cruise ship Carnival Ecstasy was sailing off Miami Beach, Florida when a fire broke out. (see video below) The […]

Cruise Ship Deaths

Carnival Ecstasy Elevator Death Raining Blood

December 27, 2015 Janet Cole

Cruise Ship Deaths: Jose Sandoval Opazo #travel  #cruise ship  crew member elevator tragic accident death Carnival Ecstasy passenger video shows raining blood. Chief electrician Jose Sandoval Opazo, 66, was doing routine maintenance atop an elevator stopped on […]


2015 Top 40 Cruise Events At Sea and Port

December 22, 2015 Janet Cole

Cruise Bruise Investigates:  List of the top 40 cruise industry events both at sea and in port. We include cases that made cruise industry history in 2015 for typical or atypical reasons. These 40 cases paint a picture […]

Cruise Ship Injury

Second Carnival Passenger Falls From Mast

September 29, 2014 Janet Cole

A second young, adult, male passenger climbs a Carnival Cruise Line  #cruise ship mast and falls to lower ship deck while sailing off Florida. Tyler King, 18, was having a great voyage on the Carnival Fantasy on January 3, […]

Cruise Ship Deaths

Kendall Wernet Killed After Climbing Cruise Ship Mast

August 30, 2014 Janet Cole

Cruise Ship Deaths: #Cruise ship passenger  dead after climbing mast of Carnival Ecstasy with friends is Kendall Wernet, 20, from Ashville NC. Kendall Wernet, 20, a Clemson University student from Asheville, North Carolina, was cruising on Carnival […]