Cruise Ship Death With Dignity Act
Cruise Ship Deaths

Federal Cruise Ship Death With Dignity Act

December 8, 2018 Janet Cole

Federal Cruise Ship Death With Dignity Act – How much pain is too much?  When does suffering become too unbearable? When does a person’s right to die with dignity, infringe on the rights of others? Suicide, […]

Tropical Storm Fabio 0500 Hours July 3 2018
Cruise Ship Weather

Tropical Storm Fabio

June 28, 2018 Janet Cole

NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL 1605 UTC Tue Jul 03 2018  Tropical Weather Discussion for the eastern Pacific Ocean from  the Equator to 32N, east of 140W. The following information is  based on satellite […]

5.3 Eartthquake 29km SW of Santa Cruz Island California April 5 2018
Cruise Ship Weather

5.3 Earthquake Shakes Long Beach Cruise Port

April 6, 2018 Janet Cole

An offshore earthquake rattled (see video below) the shores of Southern California on Thursday, April 5, 2018, shortly after noon, the quake registered at a preliminary magnitude of 5.0, but was upgraded to 5.3 a […]

Cruise Ship Drugs

Canada Arrests Three Island Princess Crew

May 12, 2017 Janet Cole

According to a News Vancouver report, three crew members from Princess Cruises’ Island Princess were arrested in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Canada Border Services Agency officers and members of the Vancouver Police Department’s Canine Unit […]


Wendy Portman Lewis Cruise Ship Overboard

October 14, 2015 Janet Cole

Wendy Portman Lewis, 59, from Palm Desert, California has been identified as the woman  cruise ship passenger who went overboard from Seabourn Quest near Boston on September 11. Wendy Portman Lewis, 59, and, with her husband Douglas Lewis […]


Tobias Brekke Cruise Ship Overboard

September 29, 2015 Janet Cole

Overboard cruise ship death of California prison nurse Tobias Brekke, 59, from San Luis Obispo, California is ruled suspicious. Tobias Brekke, 59, a Registered Nurse from San Luis Obispo, California went overboard from Papagallo II on […]

Cruise Ship Illness

Two San Diego Cruise Ships Epidemics

April 14, 2015 Janet Cole

Two San Diego Cruise Ships Report Sick Passengers Two San Diego #cruise ship reporting epidemics. The CDC is investigating epidemics which included 228 sick with Norovirus type symptoms. Cruise ship Norovirus-like symptoms having been affecting passengers sailing […]


Live Cruise Ship Tracker Major Update

November 7, 2014 Janet Cole

and  World Cruise Ship Tracker had 85 cruise ships removed, 85 new cruise ships added now at Track 10,000+ cruise ships! Includes: Alaska Cruise Ship Tracker Caribbean Cruise Ship Tracker Cuba Cruise Ship Tracker Hawaii Cruise Ship […]

Cruise Ship Sinking

Tahoe Queen Grounding Over 300 Aboard

August 5, 2014 Janet Cole

#Cruise Ship Sinking: The  Tahoe Queen grounded on a sandbar yesterday with 296 passengers and 14 crew aboard. Passengers evacuated by USCG. Hornblower Cruises’ Tahoe Queen Near Thomas F Regan Beach S Lake Tahoe, California with nearly […]

Cruise Crime

Lonnie Kocontes Cruise Ship Murder Trial Continues

January 30, 2014 Janet Cole

The case of cruise ship passenger Micki Kanesaki, who went missing on a cruise aboard Island Cruises’ cruise ship Island Escape,  while sailing with her ex-husband in the Mediterranean is now in court. Kanesaki went overboard nearly seven years […]