Cruise Bruise News Wednesday Wow – April 15, 2020 Quarantined

Cruise Bruise News Wednesday Wow – April 15, 2020
Cruise Bruise News Wednesday Wow – April 15, 2020

Cruise Bruise News Wednesday Wow – April 15, 2020 – Cruise Ship Wave Sheltering in Place.

We are still Sheltering in Place at the Cruise Ship Wave Network Offices. The featured image for this post, I took yesterday from the roof. While I didn’t wear a mask or gloves, it was a short walk down the hall to the roof entry stairs and I never saw a soul. It felt good to get out and get some fresh air in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle and exercise without risk of COVID-19  infection.

This week we are working on updating our webcams, with a huge expansion on Webcams in California coming next month.

On a lighter note, we have updated the Cruise Ship Wave Office Music playlist with new artists and songs. You can follow us on YouTube or listen directly from our website, where our playlist is embedded at the bottom of the page – Cruise Ship Wave

Cruise Industry Federal No- Sail Order

After the nation’s top disease response agency posted orders keeping cruise ships docked last Wednesday night, extending the ban through August, the White House coronavirus task force stepped in to cut it by 20 days.

When the no-sail order reappeared on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website hours later, its language had been softened: Ships can sail again in July and an explicit warning that they could be docked even longer had been deleted, according to emails and internal documents obtained by USA TODAY.

Disney Cruise Line Extends Cancellations

Disney Cruise Lines said Monday that it is canceling new departures through April 28 due to the coronavirus pandemic, extending its previous suspension by two weeks.

The company also canceled any sailing to or from the port of Vancouver, British Columbia through the end of June. Canada closed its ports last month to cruise ships carrying 500 or more passengers through July 1.

Disney is offering full refunds to passengers affected by the cancellations, or a credit for a future sailing within 15 months of the original date.

Norwegian Cruise Line Sailings Canceled Until October

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that they have canceled all cruises on Norwegian Sun until October 18, 2020. The cancellations are due to the cruise line’s redeployment of their cruise ships.

Due to the cancellations, guests who were scheduled to sail aboard Norwegian Sun during this time will have the following options:

Norwegian Sun Cruise Departures from May 21 – August 12, 2020:

All guests will receive a refund in the form of a future cruise credit worth 125% of the fare paid, which will be valid for a period of one year and can be applied to any future published sailing through December 31, 2022. All future cruise credits will be available April 20, 2020. Additionally, guests who rebook their vacation by April 27,  2020 for any sailing beginning October 1, 2020 will receive a 20% discount off the voyage fare.

Carnival Delays Sailings Through June

Carnival Cruise Line has extended its suspension of North American operations until June 26, 2020. The cruise line now has a return-to-service target date of June 27, 2020.

In addition, Carnival announced they are canceling all Carnival Sunrise itineraries out of New York City throughout 2020.

Princess Cruises Black Box Seized

Australian police boarded the Ruby Princess cruise ship Wednesday night to gather evidence for an investigation into how thousands of passengers were allowed to disembark in Sydney last month resulting in a spike of coronavirus cases.

Over 600 cases and 15 deaths have been linked to the ship, according to public broadcaster ABC. Last week, police launched a probe into just why the Ruby Princess was allowed to dock in Sydney, dropping off 2,600 passengers, despite widespread concerns over coronavirus and multiple previous outbreaks elsewhere in the world involving cruise ship.
New South Wales police commissioner Mick Fuller said Wednesday that the ship’s captain was “extremely helpful,” and that the black box, a recorder similar to that found on airplanes, was recovered along with other evidence.

CDC No Sail Order Change

“The CDC’s No Sail Order — which was an extension of its initial order on March 14 — could end sooner than the 100-day timeline, but only if the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declares that Covid-19 is no longer a public health emergency before then. The order reiterated the CDC director’s belief that “cruise ship travel exacerbates the global spread of COVID-19 and that the scope of this pandemic … has not been controlled sufficiently by the cruise ship industry.” USA Today reported on Monday that the terms of the no sail order were actually softened — from sailings resuming in August to July — after White House interference. The White House denied the claim.”

Carnival Charleston SC Sailings

The Carnival Sunshine has been docked at Columbus Street since the coronavirus shut down the cruise ship industry a month ago, save for the occasional trip offshore to dump “gray water.” And now David Wren reports that Carnival will not resume operations until at least June 27.

California Oregon Washington Sate  COVID-19 Cooperation

  • The governors of California and Oregon laid out a framework to resume public life and business.
  • The U.S. reported more than 2,300 deaths on Tuesday, a new daily high, and total confirmed fatalities surpassed 26,000 with more than 603,000 infections. New York City reported 3,778 additional fatalities, according to the city’s health department, pushing its total beyond 10,000.