Giving Something To Love Cruise Bruise Blog Upgrade

Giving Something To Love Blog Upgrade
Giving Something To Love Blog Upgrade

Thurston County WashingtonGiving Something To Love Cruise Bruise Blog Upgrade – This is the time of year (Jan-Apr), every year that I do website’s upgrades. I’m behind this year because of my rotator cuff injury last March which disabled my left arm to this date, followed unfortunately by my left leg injury in December. I didn’t notice the elevator in my building didn’t level out on the second floor, resulting in me tripping over the one-inch lip, the unleveled landing created.  Yada, yada, yada – It’s been a rough year. So, my winter upgrades work has fallen severely behind. That has made some visitors angry, for that – I apologize.

This year, you will see drastic changes. This more or less daily blog is going to be cut back from seven days a week to a weekly blog. At 65, I finally have figured out that I NEED to slow down. I’m thinking about blogging on Wednesdays because that has always been our slowest day throughout the year unless it falls on Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Even if it’s a holiday, I will blog.

If you’re busy on Wednesdays, you can catch up on Thursday or over the weekend with all the cruise industry news in a single day. As you may recall, originally,  back in 2005, I posted all the news from the week in a single post with different paragraphs for each event. While it seems unorthodox for me to blog in that matter, it’s actually a throwback to my original format.

So, beginning next week, this will become the Cruise Bruise Wednesday Wow. On Wednesdays, we will have summaries of the week’s biggest wow cruise industry news. That said, the blog is only 1 of my 75 websites, so deaths, sinking, fires will still be updated on those websites.

I’m going to begin daily blogging on one of our Tiny House accounts, as we transition from renting as we have since we relocated to Seattle, to building an eco tiny house community. Searching for land and building our tiny home is going to take the front seat in our mission towards living sustainably.

For the past two years, I’ve used my time wisely to research each county in Washington and the thoughts went from King County, where we are now, to all the counties to the north and even those to the east.  I had crossed Thurston County to the south, off the list in the beginning. That turned out to be my biggest mistake.

We’ve decided that we would rather be between Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, than between Seattle and Canada. We took a drive last week through the mountains to Vantage, Washington. Boots on the ground, we found some awesome deals on land. The issue was the two-hour drive to civilization and the distance to the ocean.

Sacrifices have to be made. Moving in the middle of the night because lava is flowing, was a real consideration. We ran from the hurricanes in Myrtle Beach to Washington.  I really don’t like a knee-jerk reaction to situations. I’m a planner and I’m an admitted over-thinker. My motto: “anything worth thinking about, it worth over-thinking.”

For one, the land prices are less expensive and finding cheaper land that was not sitting atop a volcano, was like looking for a needle in a haystack.  With the volcanos, comes the earthquakes and potential tsunamis. There’s a narrow field of choices that have become suitable. So, Thurston County is our first choice at this point.

Our 2020 Website upgrade

First, on my agenda this year was the upgrade to this blog. When the blog was launched, it was a huge job and we took a couple of short cuts to get it launched. One,  was the category topics found with an image on the center of the main page, were set to ‘random’, something I forgot until a member angrily pointed that out to me, when he quit following the blog. Those category posts, found in the center of the main page are now set to ‘most recent’.

Also on the agenda was the change to the Category topic links at the top of the page. The ‘By Date’ link use to go to the posts by year date. So, the list included 2019, 2018, 2017 . . . Now, that link has every day I posted an article for the past year and below the links to the prior years.

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. . . continuing through the year.

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