Cruise Ship Deaths Update New Cases Added

Cruise Ship Deaths Update New Cases Added
Cruise Ship Deaths Update New Cases Added

Cruise Ship Deaths Just AddedCruise Ship Deaths Update New Cases Added – Today, I’ve been working to get caught on the Cruise Ship Deaths website after healing my left arm injuries enough to type with two hands.  While the work to add deaths in cruise ports and on cruise ships is never really done, I try to add the most interesting or notable cruise industry death coming across my desk. That said, not everybody dies after a severe cruise incident, such as an overboard, some live to tell about it (see video below)

From time to time, I find cases that are notable, but the facts took some time to become public, which is why some additions have been delayed. Every case has to include the six required elements of the story in order to meet my demands. I absolutely have to answer the six questions every reader wants to know – who, what, where, when, why and how in order to be added, otherwise it’s just an unverified rumor, which of course is not my method of operation. Generally, this means I have to read hundreds of pages to get to the six truths detailing a death, just to filter out the ‘lazy writers’ who think it’s news to guess about the circumstances of a death just to get revenue-generating traffic to their website.

For example, several writers said a crew member died in his cabin, though ultimately, I was able to confirm he sadly hung himself in a crew hallway. That case is important because it demonstrates the frustration crew members experience as part of their job and what happens when they ask for time off to heal their minds and are denied time off. For a lazy writer to report he died in his cabin, given the real truth, is so very, very wrong, when the main wrong element of the case were the writers chasing the almighty buck.

If you know of a case, which is not already added to the Cruise Ship Deaths database, please email contact us with the information you know, and I will dig to answer those six important questions.

Employee Cruise Ship Deaths Added Today

Today’s Cruise Ship Deaths inclusion are all cruise employees including:

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