Venice Bans Large Cruise Ships Beginning April 2020

Venice Bans Large Cruise Ships Beginning April 2020
Venice Bans Large Cruise Ships Beginning April 2020

Venice Italy Cruise PortVenice Bans Large Cruise Ships Beginning April 2020 (see video below) – Venice will ban large cruise ships from entering its historic center from April 2020, in a desperate attempt to save the ancient city’s image. Italy’s transport minister announced that large ships would no longer be able to pass through the Grand Canal by the famous Piazza San Marco square, however, she said it was only a “temporary solution” to the city’s tourism woes.

“Times are tight, so we will go towards a temporary solution, while we evaluate the definitive one later, also regarding the economic resources to invest”.

In August, the city began limiting the number of cruise ships allowed to enter the city’s historic center. The move marked a victory for residents fed up with living in a city overwhelmed by tourists and huge ships. Locals have long complained the enormous ships ruin the beauty of Venice’s historic sights and pollute the waters.

In June, a 900 foot-cruise ship collided with a dock and a small tourist boat in the city’s Giudecca canal – one of Venice’s most important waterways – injuring five people. The incident revived protests against the ships and calls from residents to ban them altogether.

New Cruise Tourist Tax

From July 2020, day-trippers will be slapped with a fee that will be used for the upkeep of the city and to “improve the quality of life of residents”.

  • All tourists arriving by plane, water taxi, cruise ship, trains or coach who are not intending to stay overnight will have to pay €3 (£2.70) during the low season and €8 (£7.20) during the high season.
  • If visiting during “critical” periods including summer weekends, they will have to pay €10 (£8.90) to access the World Heritage site which encompasses the city centre and islands of the Venice Lagoon.

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