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Tiny in Seattle
Tiny in Seattle
Cruise Ship Wave Home Office
Cruise Ship Wave Home Office

Tiny in Seattle Cruise Ship Wave Live Broadcasts – Beginning Monday, June 17, 2019, the Cruise Ship Wave Network will begin live broadcasts on our Facebook page for Tiny in Seattle which will also be shared on our Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The live broadcasts will then be posted to our Youtube channel where you can subscribe as well if you don’t use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We will begin with a Mon-Fri broadcast at 6:00 p.m. (Pacific time) From time to time we will also broadcast special events on Saturday and/or Sunday.

If you do not ‘do’ social media, we have you covered, the live streams will also be posted to our Tiny in Seattle website after the live broadcast.

Why Tiny in Seattle?

Since September 2013, the Cruise Ship Wave Network has been living in tiny spaces, it was my dream come true to have an ecologically, green, small footprint. What is tiny living? Living tiny means different things to different people. For us, living tiny means a space which measures 500 square feet or less.

Our tiny living began September 2013 in Puerto Aventuras on the Riviera Maya in the Quintana Roo state of Mexico on the Yucatán Peninsula. After a very long and dramatic drive from NW Arkansas, we arrived at the beach community of South Padre, Texas in our tightly packed Ford Expedition.  We continued along the Caribbean Sea to Cancun, Mexico including getting robbed by Estación de policia municipal. From Cancun, we explored all the communities as far south as Tulum.

While in Puerto Aventuras we created several websites targeted to the beach communities of Paamul, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Puerto Aventuras, Cozumel, Akumal and Tulum, all located on the Riviera Maya.  We lived in an oceanfront condo which measured less than 200 square feet,  located right on the marina with a harbor and ocean view from our balcony. We have stories to tell about that adventure, boy do we have stories.

After more than a year, we flew to the Horry County beach community of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. From there our base of operations allowed us to live in an oceanfront condo with balcony,  which measured less than 300 feet, for a period of 3 years to the day.

While in Myrtle Beach we worked on our Cruise Ship Wave Network expanding our network to include all east coast, gulf coast, and west coast cruise ports.

While nearly the entire community had evacuated, we stayed through Hurricane Michael,  broadcasting live on the 16th floor, as the storm forced the building to sway in the high winds.  When Hurricane Florence was forecast to hit Myrtle Beach in 2017, we were done with riding out hurricanes and evacuated to the west coast. On the west coast now, we explored Oregon and months later moved our operations to Seattle, Washington.

After a year in the tech community of Ballard, Seattle in a 517 square foot eco,  green apartment, we have made the decision to build our own tiny home. This is where the real adventure begins. In the first week of our live broadcast, we will cover our past experience living tiny in Puerto Aventuras, Myrtle Beach and now in Seattle.

Our goal is to build a tiny house community for veterans of the United States federal military or local government service including Native American reservation service. We have already begun our new Camp Kalakala website for the planned tiny home community.

There is land to buy, changing Washington state tiny house regulations to decipher, supply acquisition to requisition and a crowdsourcing project to launch. It’s an ambitious endeavor for us both. CTO Gary has 12 years, ex-military service as a Staff Sergeant, who has experience in roles as a Combat Medic and Air Cargo Manager. We will cover a wide range of topics which includes international travel in the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia, past military service, past home renovation experience, cruise industry news, Seattle exploration,  tiny home plans and skills from a dream to conception and a final build.

Our on-camera live broadcasts thaw the notorious Seattle Freeze. The Seattle Freeze is an elusive concept that hovers over Seattle’s social scenes of all sorts—it’s the belief or perception that Seattle is not an exceptionally friendly place.

From our tiny space, we will outline the challenges and skills required to live tiny in 2020 within Washington state. Some of the broadcasts will be on location in Seattle, using the UBER driver camera or during road trips to British Columbia, Canada, as we attend special events. We believe we have 20/20 vision and can realize this one last dream.

You will learn personal details of our travels under just plain amazingly awkward, oft time gut-wrenching scenarios, with a hint of comic relief to lighten the mood as we banter in a good-humored teasing way. This is not a stuffed shirt, bland cruise news podcast, to be sure. We will tell it like it is, with a no holds barred,  tag team broadcast which will be raw and unedited. We think [hope] you’ll become a fan.

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