Carnival Corp Princess Cruises Passenger Ocean Medallion

Carnival Cruise Lines Passenger Ocean Medallion
Carnival Cruise Lines Passenger Ocean Medallion
Ocean Medallion Drink Order
Ocean Medallion Drink Order

Carnival Corp Princess Cruises Passenger Ocean Medallion – MedallionClass is a personalized vacation experience enabled by the cruise line’s OceanMedallion  (see video below) wearable device.

A recent winner of the CES 2019 Innovation Award, the OceanMedallion allows guests to take advantage of an expedited check-in process; order beverages throughout the ship; and easily locate and chat with friends and family onboard, plus a number of other features.

The OceanMedallion come in a range of wearables, necklace pendant, wrist watch or a medallion which fits into a plastic holder which can be clipped to a garment such as shirt or pants.

Exclusive to Princess Cruises (more Carnival Corp ships will be added), Ocean Medallion is a complimentary onboard experience that simplifies and personalizes each cruise vacation thanks to its integration to guests’ encrypted digital profiles.

In practice, this allows guests to take advantage of Princess Cruises’ various onboard services from anywhere on the ship – shop from your stateroom, make dining reservations from your theater seat, or order drinks to be served at your next location!

Video review is below: Adams Computer Chronicles tested Ocean Medallion aboard Regal Princess on our February 17, 2019 cruise.

What is the Ocean Medallion™?
Ocean Medallion is a first-of-its-kind wearable device that elevates every moment before, during and after your Ocean Medallion Vacation. From on-demand food and drinks, interactive gaming, custom entertainment and smart navigation, Medallion makes cruising simpler, and more personal and enjoyable than ever.

How does it work?
Medallion holds your unique digital identity and communicates with thousands of readers onboard and in port. With no on-off switch, menu or charging needs, it helps you seamlessly discover everything around you. In addition to using Medallion for payments, unlocking your stateroom door and speeding up embarkation, it lets our Crew see information they can use to serve you better.

How do I carry it?
You can wear your Medallion as a wristband, pendant, clip or simply keep it in your pocket or bag. The important thing is that you keep your Medallion on you so that you can make the most of your vacation experience, everywhere you go.

Does it cost extra?
Your Medallion is included in the price of your Ocean Medallion Cruise. We’ll ship it to you in advance at no extra charge, so that your vacation experience is simple and easy from the start. For extra personalization, accessories are also available for your Medallion.

I’m going on several cruises in a row — will my Medallion work across my journey?
Yes, as long as all cruises in your journey are on Medallion Class ships. If they’re not, you will receive Medallions for only the Medallion Class voyages.

Do I need to print my boarding pass for a Medallion Class ship?
Nope; if you’re on a Medallion Class ship, all you need is your Medallion. If you don’t have it with you, a Navigator or Crew member will be able to help you board.

Will I be able to opt out of or turn off this new technology?
If you do not want to take advantage of the full Ocean Medallion experience, you can switch your privacy setting to “Safety Only” and enjoy the cruise the same great way you do today.

Could other people find it and use it to get into your room or charge purchases to you?
The Ocean Medallion contains no personal information. Your Ocean Medallion is associated with your profile that contains your onboard security picture. If that picture does not match a guest when a purchase is being made or when someone other than the original guest is nearby, access will not be granted to a stateroom and purchases cannot be made.

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