Passenger Terrified After Norwegian Getaway Cabin Intruder

Passengers Alleged Norwegian Getaway Cabin Entered While Sleeping
Passengers Alleged Norwegian Getaway Cabin Entered While Sleeping
Norwegian Breakaway Cabin 9702
Norwegian Breakaway Cabin 9702

Passenger Terrified After Norwegian Getaway Cabin Intruder – Earlier today, Cruise Bruise was contacted by a Norwegian Breakaway passenger with the following very troubling commentary on their recent cruise. [Name Withheld] says,  ” The following is a copy of a letter sent to Norwegian Cruise Line regarding an incident aboard the Getaway. To date there has been no response.
April 14, 2019

I am writing to you regarding a nightmarish incident that occurred to us on the last evening of our cruise aboard the Norwegian Getaway – April 9-13, 2019 sailing, at approximately 4:00am.

The ship itself was beautiful and being the sister ship to the Breakaway, we felt “at home” right away, as we had a sense of familiarity. We had no issues whatsoever with any of the crew, passengers, etc. It was a lovely trip to honor and celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

Norwegian Breakaway Deck 9 Cabin 9702
Norwegian Breakaway Deck 9 Cabin 9702

That being said, events took a turn for the worst on our last night of the cruise. At almost 4am on April 13th, I was asleep in Cabin 9702 and was jolted awake by the sound of the lock turning. I know, for certain, that I had double locked my door as my husband and I retired for the evening and had turned on the “Do Not Disturb” light so Shrikhat, our Room Steward would know not to disturb us. Despite that, I rolled over to see a man had UNLOCKED MY DOUBLE LOCKED DOOR. I sat up, startled, half-asleep, undressed and as I scrambled to cover up, I screamed “wrong room!” The man smiled at me and laughed as I jumped up to close the door. Being in such a state of shock, I questioned whether or not I had actually doubled locked the door, but raced to do so again, as I was extremely scared. My husband was startled awake by my yelling and asked what happened. As I was explaining to him what had just transpired, he got up, calmed me down and then made sure the door was, in fact, DOUBLE LOCKED. Not even 10 minutes later, as I was just feeling less shaken, we heard the click of the lock again and the door flew open! I am shaking as I type this. The man was standing there with that same grin and was about to enter our room when my husband flew at him and yelled to get out of our room and what the hell was wrong with him! His final words before he slammed the door on the man were “Get out and stop coming into our room!” It was surreal. The door was double locked! There was no way he could have gotten in unless he had an actual key!

I called the operator, she promptly sent someone up and assured me that no one should be A) in my room (gee, no kidding) and B) have access as only our key cards should work. I explained to her that the door was double locked on two separate occasions. Shortly afterwards, we heard fiddling with our door. I panicked when I heard the sound, but my husband checked and having seen it was security, opened the door. After some discussion, they told us they would follow up on it. We are still awaiting information on the events of that evening/early morning. Was this man ultimately identified? Did he harm anyone? But most importantly to me – how did he gain access to my locked room?

Honestly, I could not wait to get off the ship. To date, Norwegian has made no effort to follow up with us and/or update us. I am sure that the person used a key of sorts to UNLOCK THE DOUBLE LOCK! Was this an employee? Security did not give us any information; reception did not return our phone call with any plans implemented to rectify the situation. We are certain they had cameras that recorded the event, but we did not even have someone offer to check the footage!

This event has left me completely rattled! So much so, that after we disembarked, we had to attend our daughter’s performance in Boston. I was startled and jolted awake by every sound I heard in the hallway. Fortunately, a bolt locking mechanism on the door would prevent someone from entering the room. However, at every sound, I felt myself reliving the nightmare from the previous evening, repeatedly. What if my husband had not been there? Did this man think I was alone upon his first entrance and come back to harm me? How was this man able to get into my room? Did he have a key and where did he get it? I cannot help but relive the moment I heard the lock turn and the crazed grin on the man’s face! No one has even bothered to contact us to follow up, so had something happened, would anyone have even come to assist me?

While on the ship, I used Cruise Next to book our next cruise, which was to take us to my dream destination in September of this year to celebrate a monumental birthday. I cannot help but worry. Will our room be secure? How do I know that we will be safe? There are no locking mechanisms in place to make me feel secure. No bar to prevent this from happening again; and judging by the lack of response from Norwegian, NO ONE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our safety and security while onboard.

I am terrified. I keep reliving the moment. The man’s crazy grin. How he returned. The question of what could have happened if my husband was not there haunts me. I do hope to receive an update on this situation. I would hate to go public with this to discover this individual harmed someone aboard the vessel when it could have been avoided by swifter action by Norwegian. A person has the right to feel safe when accommodations are secured, and paid for, aboard any vessel. I am no longer certain that Norwegian is able to provide that feeling of security.”

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