Tropical Storm Iba Forms Near Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Tropical Storm Iba Forms Off East Coast Brazil March 24 2019
Tropical Storm Iba Forms Off East Coast Brazil March 24 2019
Tropical Storm Iba March 24 2019
Tropical Storm Iba March 24 2019

Tropical Storm Iba Forms Near Rio de Janeiro (see video below) Brazil – The Brazilian Navy Hydrographic Center (BNHC) named Tropical Storm Iba on Sunday, March 24, 2019, when IBA was centered about 500 miles northeast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, or just off the coast of the states of Bahia and Espirito Santo, Brazil.

What started as a depression Saturday became a rare tropical storm Sunday off the southeast coast of Brazil Sunday, according to NOAA. Maximum winds were recorded at 40 mph, according to BNHC.

By Tuesday, Iba was about 150 miles east of Brazil with 50-mph winds, gusting up to 65 mph. The storm brought rough seas, with wave heights topping 15 feet but had little effect on land.

Because hurricanes are so rare in the South Atlantic, there is no specific center that is officially responsible for that area.

South Atlantic Tropical History

Iba was the first named tropical storm in the South Atlantic in nearly 10 years.  “On average about one of these subtropical cyclones forms each year in the South Atlantic,” said hurricane specialist Michael Lowry. “So in that sense, it’s not that unusual. If it becomes purely tropical, that would be unusual.”

In 2018, the BNHC expanded the alphabetical list from 10 to 15 names for tropical and subtropical cyclones forming in the western part of the South Atlantic Ocean. From the first list, the first name, Arani, was used in March 2011; Bapo and Cari were named in early 2015. Deni was used in November 2016. Eçaí and Guará were used in the Decembers of 2016 and 2017, respectively. All six systems were subtropical storms. The next four names are Iba, Jaguar, Kamby and Mani.

In late-March 2004, wind shear was low off the eastern coast of South America as an upper-level low-pressure system was sprouting thunderstorms near its center.  Only one known hurricane was ever recorded in the South Atlantic. Hurricane Catarina made landfall over the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, as a Category 1 storm on March 27, 2004, NOAA said.

Hurricane Catarina turned back westward, making landfall in the Santa Catarina Province of Brazil as a Category 1 equivalent on March 27, 2004. According to the final summary by E.V. Marcelino and colleagues, just over 38,000 structures were damaged and another 1,468 collapsed.

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Video: Tropical Storm Iba off the coast of Brazil – 10pm BST March 24, 2019