Viking Sky Cruise Ship Issues SOS Off Norway Debarks Passengers

Viking Sky Cruise Ship Issues SOS Off Norway Debarks Passengers
Viking Sky Cruise Ship Issues SOS Off Norway Debarks Passengers

Viking Sky Engine Failure Off Norway Coast March 23, 2019

Viking Sky Cruise Ship Issues SOS Off Norway Debarks Passengers – On Saturday, March 23, 2019, Viking Cruises ship Viking Sky (see video below) issued a mayday call after she ran into propulsion problems and stalled, then began to list, as strong winds and heavy seas pummeled Norway’s coastal.

Viking Sky was dangerously close to the rocky shore in imminent danger of being the next cruise ship to sink after striking the rocky shore, much like the unlucky sinking of the Costa Concordia off the coast of Giglio, Italy on Friday the 13th of January, 2012.

At one point. the battered cruise ship was only 100 meters from shore, and when I first saw her on our Viking Sky Live Cruise Ship Tracker map, she showed a long line anchored, holding her in placed as she bobbed perilously close to the rocks, a mere 100 meters from the shore.

Viking Sky is preparing to evacuate 1300 passengers and 550 crew. Viking Sky is now anchored off the coast of Bud, Norway. The evacuation will be done using helicopters and boats.

Seventeen cruise passengers were hospitalized with injuries after being airlifted in rough seas off the coast of Norway Saturday afternoon. Rescuers were able to airlift 463 of the 1,373 passengers, who were winched one at a time to helicopters hovering overhead, before the rescue operation was suspended early Sunday morning. The ship was then towed by tugboat to nearby Hustadsvika Bay where the rest of the passengers are being evacuated

Bud is a fishing village in Fræna Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county in western Norway. The village is located on the Romsdal peninsula along the Atlanterhavsveien, west of the village of Hustad, north of the village of Tornes, and east of the Bjørnsund islands

Police in the western county of Moere og Romsdal said Saturday the ship has managed to moor in Hustadvika Bay, Norway, between Alesund and Trondheim.

The Viking Sky is on a 13-Night  cruise, ‘In Search Of The Northern Lights’, which departed from  Bergen, Norway calling at Narvik, Norway; Alta, Norway; Tromso, Norway; Bodo, Norway and Stavanger before departing passengers at London, England on Tuesday, March 26.

Viking Sky was launched on March 23,  2016, is 745 feet long, has 15 decks, with all-veranda cabins, a capacity of 930 passengers with 550 crew and 2 to 1 crew/passenger ratio.

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