Mariner of the Seas Passenger Lawsuit After Trampoline Injury

Mariner of the Seas Passenger Lawsuit After Trampoline Injury
Mariner of the Seas Passenger Lawsuit After Trampoline Injury

Casey HolladayMariner of the Seas Passenger Lawsuit After Trampoline Injury – On Saturday, February 9, 2019, Casey Holladay, 26, from Sarasota, Florida was a passenger sailing aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ship Mariner of the Seas on a Bahamas cruise. Holladay was boucing on Royal Caribbean’s Sky Pad trampoline located on the deck 13.

Holladay had bounced about a dozen times, had somersaulting in midair as he reached about 20 feet, but the last bounce something went terribly wrong. As he reached peak altitude, the stretchy yellow bands attached to his harness snapped off, and he came crashing down against the ship’s deck next to the trampoline.

Holladay suffered a fractured pelvis from the fall and was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami after the ship returned early from the Bahamas.

Holladay has faced “life-threatening pelvic fractures and other injuries” due to the incident, according to a lawsuit filed against the cruise line. “Casey was super athletic, an active individual, healthy and then in a split second, now he’s looking at an injury that’s going to impact him for the remainder of his life,” said attorney Brett Rivkind.

The lawsuit states, “On or about February 9, 2019, at approximately 1:45 p.m., the Plaintiff was engaged in the activity offered onboard the ship referred to as the Sky Pad, a bungee trampoline experience located on the Sports Deck, deck thirteen. The Sky Pad is an activity where a participant is positioned on a trampoline, and then fitted with a harness with bungee cords attached on either side, enabling the participant to be able to bounce up and down, reaching significant heights where flips and other acrobatic type activities can be performed. The participant feels a sense of weightlessness at this time as the harness and bungee cords are used to suspend the participant, lifting and supporting the participant while up in the air; Defendant decided to place this cruise ship activity on the Sports Deck of its cruise ship, which is a hard surface, without any adjacent padding on the surface of the deck nor the use of any type of safety nets in case of a fall.”

The lawsuit further alleges, “It was critical to properly instruct and supervise each participant while they were using the Sky Pad, and for the individual assigned to do this to have the proper training, knowledge, instructions, and skills to do so; A proper risk assessment would recognize, among other risks, the risk of the
participant becoming detached from the harness system, due to failure of a rope, or the elastic bungee cords, or any other event which may cause the individual to become detached. This would then cause the participant to fall, possibly from significant heights, where the participant could potentially miss or bounce off the trampoline, landing on whatever surface the bungee trampoline had been placed on. Accordingly, such a risk assessment would clearly recognize the need to have significant padding placed on the surface of the deck where the trampoline was placed and/or some type of safety net system in case such an event occurred, especially in view of the potential significance of any injury that could occur for the failure to implement such measures, such as serious bodily injury or even death.”

Holladay is seeking damages in excess of seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000.00), exclusive of interest, costs and attorney’s fees.

Royal Caribbean describes the attraction as a “bungee trampoline experience.” It resembles a big ball with holes carved out. Inside, passengers wear a virtual-reality headset and are strapped to a harness that allows them to bounce up and down and do flips.

Mariner of the Seas departed from Miami, Florida on Friday, February 8, 2019, for a 3-night Bahamas cruise and called at CocoCay, Nassau before returning to Miami, Florida.

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