Allure of the Seas Jersey Passengers Abandoned Costa Maya Mexico

Allure of the Seas Passengers Abandoned Costa Maya Mexico
Allure of the Seas Passengers Abandoned Costa Maya Mexico
Carol Palk
Carol Palk

Allure of the Seas Jersey Passengers Abandoned Costa Maya Mexico – On Thursday,  January 10, 2019, Carol Palk, 79,  who is a Weichert Real estate agent from Whippany, New Jersey, and her husband Bertram “Buzz” Palk , 82,  were sailing aboard Royal Carbbean Cruise Lines ship  Allure of the Seas, with friends from their Rotary Club.

Palk sought treatment from the ship’s doctor when she noticed blood in her stool, a sign of internal bleeding.  The doctor on board told Palk that he was monitoring her red blood cell count and that if it dropped below a certain level he would be forced to take her off the ship. After Palk’s blood count dropped again the following day, the couple were told to pack their belongings because they were being removed from the ship at the next port-of-call.

At this point, I need to say, neither Carol nor Buzz can speak Spanish, so they were severely language challenged while trying to get from Puerto Costa Maya to Cancún and then onto an airliner in Cancún to Miami.

I can tell you from my  own experience in 2014, with very little knowledge of Mexican Spanish myself, the airport in Cancún is a nightmare without a working knowledge of Mexican Spanish, not to be confused with Spain Spanish.

I left the airport so frustrated when we lived on the Riviera Maya in Puerto Aventuras for more than a year. I ended up taking a taxi to a hotel near the airport to rethink my planned exit back to the United States and ended up leaving a month later, with a better thought out plan, traveling with another person, who actually knew how to speak and understand Spanish.

Carol Palk and Bertram Buzz Palk
Carol Palk and Bertram Buzz Palk

The cruise ship’s crew was following a company policy.

“Our actions depend entirely on the condition and needs of our patients,” said Owen Torres, a Royal Caribbean Cruises spokesman. “In this case, our ship’s doctor and medical crew initially treated the guest in our medical facility but required additional and urgent medical attention that could only be provided in a hospital.”

Instead of going to a hospital, the Palks opted to return to the United States. So the ship’s staff arranged for a $600 taxi to Cancún and two flights: the first from Cancún to Mexico City, the second from Mexico City to Miami, totaling an additional $1,039.

Costa Maya MexicoThe 213 mile, four hour taxi ride from Puerto Costa Maya to Cancún through the Yucatan Peninsula took the couple through Mexico state of Quintana Roo, where a Level 2 travel warning  has been issued by the federal State Department.

The Palks were relieved to be back in New Jersey when their flight landed on the morning of January 12, the day before the cruise was scheduled to return to Miami.

Carol Palk’s physician told her she will be fine, and the couple have returned to their normal daily lives. However, there is one thing they are asking from Royal Caribbean: an apology.”We don’t want money. All we want is a ‘sorry’ from them,” Bertram Palk said.

The Palks said they are fortunate they were able to fund the $3,400, almost twice what the cruise cost, in costs to get back home.


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