Cruise Medicare Couple Stranded Nassau Bahamas Gofundme

Cruise Medicare Couple Stranded Nassau Bahamas Gofundme
Cruise Medicare Couple Stranded Nassau Bahamas Gofundme
Michelle Manuel and Rose Johnson Gofundme
Michelle Manuel and Rose Johnson Gofundme

Cruise Medicare Couple Stranded Nassau Bahamas Gofundme – Michelle Manuel and Rose Johnson from Irvine, Kentucky are both disabled and would not have been able to afford a cruise by themselves, they say. However, friends generously gave the cruise as a gift.

The Kentucky couple who were on a dream Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas are now stranded on an island with no passport or means to get home after one of the pair fell violently ill.

Johnson started to feel very sick due to unknown gastrointestinal problems. She was taken to the infirmary of the ship and treated with medication, but her condition didn’t improve and she was transferred to a hospital in Nassau, Bahamas.

The Gofundme page states,”Everything had been great, up until Rose became deathly sick, and was transfered to the infirmary on the ship; where they gave her fluids and 3 different medications, which didnt help over the course of 2 hours. She had to be transferred to the local hospital to where she was turned away due to lack of funds. ($2k to be seen, US Insurance isnt accepted).”Nassau Bahamas Hospital

Doctors have now said that Johnson has an obstructed bowel and will need emergency surgery. Unfortunately, the couple’s insurance program does not cover the cost of medical treatments outside of U.S. territories. So far, they have paid for her treatment with the help of donations from friends.

The couple do not have passports with them as the cruise did not require it and so they cannot leave the Bahamas. As a result, Manuel said she is in contact with the U.S. embassy to apply for an emergency passport. Furthermore, the couple will now have pay for flights home—as well as accommodation in Nassau in the meantime.

The Gofundme account update states, “They transferred her now to another public hospital, to where she has been admitted. Due to the doctor not allowing her to he cleared, they have been banned from the ship for the health of other cruisers. This means they will have to get a room in Nassau (when she is released from hospital) *cheapest room is $130 a night* and go to the Embassy on monday morning to apply for  a passport, (because on cruises you only have to have a birth certificate) which is $150 each, plus get international plane tickets back to FL, then to Cinncinatti. This can cost anywhere from $600-1500 (or more due to being last min foreign tickets).. They’re not allowed to leave this country unless they follow Border Controls strict policies. This is bery scary. They really need our help, and will be stranded if they dont get the money by this Monday Dec. 17th, 2018, because the Embassy closes from that Tuesday until Jan. 1st for Christmas break!!!!”

More than two months later, as of February 23, 2019, the Gofundme account has raised  $11,010 of $15,000 goal since the Gofundme account was set up on Saturday, December 15, 2018.

The Bahamas is a country within the Lucayan archipelago, consisting of more than 700 islands in the Atlantic Ocean, east of Florida.

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