Symphony of the Seas Leaves Passengers Nassau Bahamas Dock

Symphony of the Seas Leaves Passengers Nassau Bahamas Dock
Symphony of the Seas Leaves Passengers Nassau Bahamas Dock
Maria Gonzalez Roesch and Alessandro Di Palma
Maria Gonzalez Roesch and Alessandro Di Palma

Symphony of the Seas Leaves Passengers Nassau Bahamas Dock (see video below) – On Friday, February 15, 2019, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ship Symphony of the Seas, left two passengers at the dock, who were late retuning to port in Nassau, Bahamas. The two passengers have been identified as on their honeymoon,  Costa Rican actress Maria Gonzalez Roesch, 26,  and her husband Alessandro Di Palma.

Maria claimed on Instagram that the cruise on the trip normally left the dock at 5.30 p.m. but that day the ship departed “early.” It later emerged the honeymooners had been given a new itinerary but didn’t read it, and assumed the ship would leave the same time as it did from other ports.

The cruise ship reportedly  waited for at least 20 minutes before closing the gangway and Captain Rob Hempstead gave the order for Symphony of the Seas to leave Nassau.

This is the exact reason for booking port tours through Royal Caribbean. If the tour is booked through Royal Caribbean, there are options for passengers who miss the ship in port while on a tour booked through the cruise line. The only option to the passenger who misses the ship after booking their own sightseeing tour in port, is finding their own way home.

Captain Rob Hempstead
Captain Rob Hempstead

The Captain of Symphony of the Seas is American Rob Hempstead from Windham, Rhode Island. Captain Hempstead graduated from the California Maritime Academy and  has sailed with Royal Caribbean International since 1999; he has served as Master aboard six ships since 2005 making him well prepared to sail Symphony. “After working at sea for more than 30 years, I’ve never once wished for another life of less excitement, exploration and adventure,” he says.

Symphony of the Seas embarked on a 7 Night Eastern Caribbean cruise on Saturday, February 16, 2019, from Miami, Florida. The first port call was at Philipsburg, Sint Maarten; followed by St Thomas,  U.S. Virgin Islands with a final call at Nassau, Bahamas.

The Flight time from Miami to Nassau is 55 minutes. Distance from Miami to Nassau is approximately 183 miles at a cost on American Airlines of $245 per person, or with all port costs included, more than $500 for a couple who the miss port departure. That is only if, Royal Caribbean doesn’t hit the couple with Jones Act fees for missing the ship at port.

For example, Carnival Cruise Line charges “any guest who insists on embarking (due to unforeseen circumstances outside the guest’s control, for missing the ship) or debarking (for emergency reasons), which violates the Jones Act, will accept responsibility for any resulting penalties ($778 USD per person).”

Passenger Port Late Arrival Growing Problem

Being late to reboard a cruise ship in port midway in their itinerary, is a perpetual problem for some passengers. On April 3, 2014, we reported that Cruise Director John Heald’s announcement aboard cruise ship Carnival Breeze in the port of Rome, Italy is recorded by Youtube user Alex & Erika.  The video is labeled, “Idiot Cruise Passengers”.

In the video, Michael and Louise Rossi were shamed for being late to the cruise ship in three consecutive ports, Monte Carlo, Florence and Rome, Italy.

More recently, on  Wednesday, April 25, 2018, Norwegian Cruise Lines had changed the scheduled departure time at Havana from 5:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Passengers were notified of the departure time, but inspite of Norwegian Sky notifcation to passengers, two were left high and dry in Havana, Cuba.

Kevin Rohrer and his girlfriend returned to the dock to reboard Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ship Norwegian Sky only to discover no ship at the dock when they returned from exploring Havana. The couple had booked a shore excusion through a private excursion company, instead of the cruise line. Apparently, the couple missed the Captain’s note posted to their cabin.

Royal Caribbean  Passenger Ticket Contract

5. SHORE EXCURSIONS, TOURS, FACILITIES OR OTHER TRANSPORTATION:  – All arrangements made for or by Passenger for transportation (other than on the Vessel) before, during or after the Cruise or CruiseTour of any kind whatsoever, as well as air arrangements, shore excursions, tours, hotels, restaurants, attractions and other similar activities or services, including all related conveyances, products or facilities, are made solely for Passenger’s convenience and are at Passenger’s risk. The providers, owners and operators of such services, conveyances, products and facilities are independent contractors and are not acting as agents or representatives of Carrier. Even though Carrier may collect a fee for, or otherwise profit from, making such arrangements and offers for sale shore excursions, tours, hotels, restaurants, attractions, the Land Tour and other similar activities or services taking place off the Vessel for a profit, it does not undertake to supervise or control such independent contractors or their employees, nor maintain their conveyances or facilities, and makes no representation, whether express or implied, regarding their suitability or safety. In no event shall Carrier be liable for any loss, delay, disappointment, damage, injury, death or other harm whatsoever to Passenger which occurs on or off the Vessel or the Transport as a result of any acts, omissions or negligence of any independent contractors.

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