Toilet Gas Kills Lady Rose Cruise Ship Passenger

Cruise Passenger Death All Occassion Cruises Lady Rose
Cruise Passenger Death All Occassion Cruises Lady Rose

White Bay TerminalToilet Gas Kills Lady Rose Cruise Ship Passenger – On Saturday February 2, 2019, Shalina Abdul Hussien, 39, died during an Australia harbor cruise aboard All Occassion Cruises cruise ship Lady Rose (see video below).

Hussien was reported missing by her friends, who had begun complaining of an overpowering gas-like smell during a four-hour birthday party cruise. Ms Hussien was found in one of the confined toilet cubicles towards the stern of the ship, and was likely overcome by gases emanating from tanks in the vessel.

Fire and Rescue teams on Saturday afternoon said that readings conducted were “not alarming” and reflected a “safe atmosphere,” by 8.30pm on Saturday. Further testing by HAZMAT teams recorded “extremely hazardous” levels of hydrogen sulphate, that reached the highest possible levels that could be recorded by testing machines.

Hydrogen sulfide is a highly flammable, explosive gas, and can cause possible life-threatening situations if not properly handled. In addition, hydrogen sulfide gas burns and produces other toxic vapors and gases, such as sulfur dioxide.

The Lady Rose docks at White Bay Terminal and she has five sister cruise ships, Seven Star, Aqua Bay, Sun Seeker, Bella Vista and Aussie Magic.

Lady Rose (MMSI 236052000) was built in 1986 and is registered in Gibraltar as a 474 Gross Tonnage Yacht.Gibraltar British Overseas Territory Map

About Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory on Spain’s south coast. It’s dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar, a 426m-high limestone ridge.

First settled by the Moors in the Middle Ages and later ruled by Spain, the outpost was ceded to the British in 1713.  It is the only British Overseas Territory which is part of the European Union (EU). After a 10-year campaign for the right to vote in European elections, since 2004 the people of Gibraltar have participated in elections for the  European Parliament as part of the South West England constituency.

On June 23, 2016,  Gibraltar voted along with the United Kingdom in the EU referendum; 96% of its population voted to remain in the European Union, but the overall United Kingdom result gave a 51.9% majority to leaving the EU. Nevertheless, Spanish President Pedro Sanchez stated on October 18, 2018 that the Gibraltar protocol had been “resolved” and that Spain will hold no objection when Gibraltar leaves the EU with Britain.

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