Bachelor Legally Drunk When He Fell Aboard Grand Classica


Christopher-McGroryBachelor Legally Drunk When He Fell Aboard Grand Classica – The Palm Beach County Medical Examiner Michael D. Bell, M.D released the autopsy report for Christopher McGrory, 29,  on Thursday, January 24, 2019.

McGrory was on his bachelor party cruise from Palm Beach to the Bahamas aboard Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s cruise ship Grand Classica on Sunday, October 21, 2018, when he attempted to jump up a stair but lost his balance and fell backward.

McGrory’s autopsy showed his blood alcohol level was 0.256 (see below)

McGrory, who grew up in Palm Beach County, met Jessica Arnett about four years ago in Tallahassee, where both were working after having graduated Florida State University. McGrory and Arnett were due to be married December 1, 2018.

Blood Alcohol Levels Explained

Mens Blood Alcohol Level
Mens Blood Alcohol Level

Your BAC level measures the amount of alcohol in your blood, therefore traveling through your body to every organ, including your brain. In its simplest form, calculating a person’s BAC level is based on how much alcohol went into what kind of body over a period of how much time.

.01 – .07 You feel mildly relaxed, a little lightheaded. Your inhibitions are loosened and you feel less cautious. Judgment abilities are slightly impaired. No real feeling of depressant effects of alcohol seen yet. Your behavior may become exaggerated and your emotions intensified.

.08-.13 Your motor skills start to become impaired and your sense of balance may be compromised. Your emotions become a bit exaggerated – perhaps loud, perhaps aggressive. It is dangerous (and illegal) for you to drive. Your judgment is impaired and you may have difficulty evaluating sexual situations. You believe you are functioning better than you actually are.

.14 – .19 The “good feelings” of euphoria begin to give way to some negative feelings such as anxiety and restlessness. You may begin feeling tired because the depressant qualities of alcohol begin to take effect. (If you are a man, you will have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection.) You will have trouble walking or standing and are at a greater risk of hurting yourself physically. You may get nauseous.

.20 – .24 You feel confused and disoriented. At this point you may experience nausea. You have trouble standing. You may not realize that you hurt yourself because you might not feel pain. Blackouts become likely at this point.

.25 – .29 Almost all aspects of your brain are severely impaired. You may have passed out by this point. Vomiting is likely and the chance of asphyxiation on your own vomit is greatly increased. If you haven’t passed out, the risk of personal injury is high because you have little to no physical control. You are emotionally numb.

.30 – .34 If you are still conscious, you are in a stupor. You likely have no comprehension of where you are or what you are doing. There have been numerous cases of alcohol poisoning and death in this range of BAC. You are in need of medical help.

.35 & up You have reached the level of surgical anesthesia. Coma is possible. The lungs and heart rate are slowing to the point of stopping. You need immediate medical help.

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