Carnival Cruise Ship Employee Death May Not Be Suicide


Alicia Ann DarlingCarnival Cruise Ship Employee Death May Not Be Suicide – On Saturday, January 5, 2019, Alicia Ann Darling, 29,  from Kingston, Ontario Canada was a Carnival Cruise Line staff member performer aboard Carnival Horizon when she died aboard the ship in Grand Turk, reportedly from suicide. However, that may not be the case.

According to her little sister (see video below), Alicia told her roommate she had not been feeling well, and took something for ‘sickness’. She complained she was tired, was feeling light headed, her head and chest hurt and she was going to sleep. The video audio is poor from time to time throughout, but there is mention of Alicia drinking alcohol as well. So, was it accidental or did her drink get spiked by somebody she knew or another crew member, creating an overdose of pharmaceuticals?

She had worn a Fit Bit on her wrist, like the one the sister is wearing in the video below. At around 9:30 that night, her cabin roommate said Alicia wouldn’t wake up. So the cabin mate and other employees checked her heart rate and there was no pulse. Security checked the cabin and found pills in a bag with Alicia’s name on it, so it might be an ‘accidental’ overdose. We have heard no evidence of a suicide note.

By her sister’s account, she was happy as usual but complained her legs hurt, not an uncommon problem for a dancer.

Alicia Ann Darling was married to Carnival Horizon Entertainment Director Dermot Doyle from Sydney Australia less than a year ago.

Alicia Ann Darling was the second Carnival Cruises employee death so far in 2019.

This case has been added to the Cruise Ship Deaths database.

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