Carnival Not Liable Drunk Woman Deliberate Overboard Death

Carnival Not Liable Drunk Woman Deliberate Overboard Death
Carnival Not Liable Drunk Woman Deliberate Overboard Death

Samantha BrobergCarnival Not Liable Drunk Woman Deliberate Overboard Death – Samantha Broberg, 33, from Arlington, Texas went missing on Friday the 13th, May 13, 2016, on the first night of the cruise aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Liberty.

When the crew was sure Broberg wasn’t aboard, she was reported missing to the United States Coast Guard (USCG) around 1700 hours, who began flying sorties to look for Broberg. Later, when the CCTV video was checked, she was seen falling from deck 10 around 0200 hours.

A statement from Carnival clarified the video evidence. “Based on the video analysis, we can confirm that it appears she climbed up and sat on a deck railing and subsequently fell backwards,” Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer De La Cruz said.

Broberg’s husband Karl sued Carnival, Federal judge Federico Moreno ruled on Friday, January 4, 2018,  the “very sad” case, but said, “Carnival cannot be held responsible for what it did not know.”

The lawsuit filed by Robert LGardana, Esq., “BOATLAWYER” Board Certified Admiralty and Maritime Lawyer and Licensed Captain with over 35 years experience,  who alleges that Carnival over-served her alcoholic drinks including at least seven double vodka-and-sodas and two beers.

Further, the lawsuit alleges,

  • “Carnival’s conduct following Mrs. Broberg’s fall overboard and her being lost at the sea was atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community.
  • Carnival’s conduct was extreme and outrageous by first contacting and releasing her identity and information concerning her fall overboard to the news media without first contacting the Plaintiff, her husband.
  • Carnival’s actions resulted in torment to the Plaintiff in a manner beyond human decency and that our society views as utterly deplorable, by making public media announcements about her death, without first notifying her next of kin, the Plaintiff, Karl M. Broberg, that she had fallen overboard and was never recovered.
  • Carnival’s conduct was so extreme and outrageous and as a direct result, the Plaintiff began receiving disturbing telephone phone calls from numerous news media stations concerning his wife fall overboard and informing him that she was not recovered.”

“This is someone who was a functioning alcoholic,” said Curtis Mase, Carnival’s attorney. “Someone who goes totally off the wagon bears responsibility. Just because she’d been drinking all day doesn’t make you a danger to yourself.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for Carnival said, “This decision acknowledges the facts of this case. Our thoughts remain with the Broberg family and out of respect, we will have no further comment.”

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