Celebrity Millennium Officer Hanging Death

Anton Ilichev Suite Manager Celebrity Millennium Suicide
Anton Ilichev Suite Manager Celebrity Millennium Suicide

nton Ilichev Celebrity Millennium Officer Hanging Death

Celebrity Millennium Officer Hanging Death – On Thursday, December 6, 2018, Anton Ilichev from Kherson,  Ukraine,  a suite manager aboard Celebrity Cruises ship Celebrity Millennium, was allegedly found hanging (see video below) in his cabin’s bathroom. There are numerous unsubstaniated reports that this was a suicide.

I noted that in all recent photos, including selfies, Anton Ilichev had braces in this teeth. Putting on braces, is a long term commitment in making your smile more attractive. It definately is not the behavior of a suicidal person.

Anton Ilichev was well-liked aboard the cruise ship and had many friends including fellow Russian Alexander Klementiev.

There must be another explanation for him being found hanging by the neck in his cabin bathroom. We have reported on a half dozen other similar cases of hanging deaths on cruise ships. While we are always hesitant to label a death aboard a cruise ship to be an intentional suicide, the similarities in numerous similar cases has lead us to discuss other possibilities. As distasteful as they may be for some,  thinking this was not a suicide, may explain the situation in more palatable terms for others.

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Coroner, Dr Peter Dean has seen these ‘hanging’ deaths before. In an unrelated hanging death he stated, “There is the possibility that the hanging was an auto-erotic death. I couldn’t say definitely that the man intended to take his life. Hanging himself was a deliberate act, but it had taken an unforeseen turn.”

The vast majority don’t mean to kill themselves. They usually devise some kind of rescue mechanism to stop the asphyxiation once they’ve climaxed. But the fail-safe often fails.

Autoerotic asphyxiation is one of the few sexual practices that remain hush-hush, mainly because forensic scientists and psychologists won’t talk about it outside their professional circles.  On the website Coroner Talk a January 11, 2015 posting states, “The prevalence of auto-erotic fatalities is difficult to calculate, since a coroner often records a verdict of accident or misadventure. It is under these labels that many auto-erotic deaths lie hidden. Sometimes, however, where uncertainty exists over whether the person intended suicide, the verdict is left open. Bereaved families usually prefer this. ‘They often find an open verdict a little easier to accept, certainly easier than misadventure which might imply unsuspected goings-on.

Commonly, the victim is found nude or with exposed genitals. This is an important clue to the possibility of autoerotic death. However, not all dead bodies found nude or with exposed genitals are victims of autoerotic death.  As well,  not all victims of autoerotic deaths are found nude or with exposed genitals.

The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website states in their article Sexual Masochism Disorder (SMD) with Asphyxiophilia: A Deadly yet Underrecognized Disease, “Asphyxiophilia is one of the most dangerous conditions associated to SMD and is characterized by the use of various strategies to achieve the level of oxygen depletion needed to enhance sexual arousal, such as self-strangulation, hanging, suffocation with an object like a plastic bag over the head, chest compression, use of gas or volatile solvents, or a combination of these, up to the point of loss of consciousness. Participants often establish some sort of “rescue mechanism” as a safety release in case they lose consciousness. Sometimes, however, this safety release does not function correctly or the individual incorrectly measures the amount of oxygen restriction, which may lead to death or serious brain injury.

Estimates of the mortality rate of autoerotic asphyxia range from 250 to 1000 deaths per year in the United States.”

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