Jail Mistake May Release Lonnie Kocontes After Cruise Ship Murder Mistrial

Jail Mistake May Release Cruise Passenger Before Murder Trial
Jail Mistake May Release Cruise Passenger Before Murder Trial

Lonnie_Kocontes_and_Micki_KanesakiJail Mistake May Release Lonnie Kocontes After Cruise Ship Murder (see video below) Mistrial On May 26, 2006, Micki Kanesaki, went missing on a cruise with her ex-husband Lonnie Loren Kocontes aboard Island Cruises’ cruise ship Island Escape. Because of a violation of his rights, Kocontes may be released from Orange County Jail.

Island Escape is now MV Ocean Gala, a floating hotel that was formerly owned and operated by Thomson Cruises.  Between 1985 and 1990, she sailed for Sundance Cruises and Admiral  Cruises as  MS Stardancer, the same cruise ship Karen Roston was murder aboard by her newlywed husband.

Cruise Bruise has been following this case for more than twelve years and we have the largest collection of evidence against him on the internet.

Along the way, Lonnie Kocontes has contacted us numerous times and threatened us. He has stated, in the early days he was not a suspect in the disappearance case of Micki Kanesaki. This claim was eventually proven to be untrue after the finding of her body and cause of death by strangulation became public. He was the only suspect in her murder.

An autopsy was performed in Italy on June 7, 2006, by Dr. Pietrantonio Ricci. Dr. Ricci came to the conclusion that Kanesaki died by strangulation in a homicidal assault. The autopsy found bruises on both arms and her right thigh “due to intense grabbing maneuvers,” as well as hemorrhaging in the soft tissues and muscles of her neck. Micki Kanesaki had been murdered, but not sexually assaulted.

Murder Trial Update

Now, court Testimony on Monday, December 3, 2018, unveiled a July 2015 report, where sheriff Investigator Alex Quilantan said the Orange County, California Theo Lacy Facility jail phone system had recorded 112 separate phone calls between inmate Lonnie Kocontes and two California attorneys David Michael and James Bustamante. This is a violation of attorney-client privilege.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Susan A. Price testified she requested all recordings of Kocontes’ calls from his time in a Florida jail, despite knowing several involved attorney phone numbers.

Assistant Public Defender Scott Sanders says Sheriff’s Department personnel and Global Tel Link, the county’s jail phone contractor, knew about improper recordings of attorney-client jail calls but conspired to cover it up. He also points to discrepancies in data turned over by Global Tel Link that suggest far more than 1,079 attorney-client phone calls were improperly recorded.

Joel Garson, the defense attorney who discovered the breaches said, “This could potentially unravel some convictions or pending cases.”. “There’s been a lot of cases in the United States that say attorney-client privilege is one of the most sacred of privileges, especially in the criminal realm, and there have been many cases dismissed where that has been breached one way or another.”

After more than tweleve years, this case is STILL unfolding, please check back. See the Cruise Bruise Investigates link below for a more thorough investigation of this case.

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