Cruise Ship Missing 2018 Upgrade

Cruise Ship Missing 2018 Upgrade
Cruise Ship Missing 2018 Upgrade

Cruise Ship Missing 2018 Upgrade –  Our Cruise Ship Missing website has been updated today.  We have added the ability to search for all passengers and crew who have gone missing in port or overboard by date.
Cruise Ship Missing Categories

This upgrade makes it easier for you to find the case your looking for more quickly, if you know only one fact –  the relationship to the cruise ship (passenger/crew), gender and now day, month or year.

This upgrade puts Cruise Ship Missing more strongly into the ‘3 click rule’  standard for optimum website usability, just as we have done with Cruise Ship Deaths.  If the person is not found, we add the case to Cruise Ship Deaths and once there we break down what type of death it was as well as the date/year. For example, once on the website,  you can go straight to the year, where the results are automatically sorted by month and day from the newest to oldest within the year.

Cruise Ship Deaths Categories

The goal is to get you where you want to be within three clicks. Our goal unlike many other greedy websites, is not to rack up page views and the resulting pennies that earns, but to be as user-friendly as possible using historically standard, ethical website design practices for our visitors.

We apply the 3 click rule to the entire Cruise Ship Wave Network. This means no matter where you are in our network, our navigation can quickly get you to individual cases or articles which interest you.

Our Cruise Ship Missing top navigation links are now: