Three More Trackers Upgraded To 2018 Mobile-Friendly Style

California Cruise Ship Tracker and Bahamas Ship Tracker Upgrades
California Cruise Ship Tracker and Bahamas Ship Tracker Upgrades

As the 2018 Cruise Ship Wave Network upgrades  continue, three more websites were completed last weekend. There is a new appearance and functionality to Hawaii Cruise Ship Tracker, New York Cruise Ship Tracker and Cuba Cruise Ship Tracker.

The New York Cruise Ship Tracker and companion website Webcams in New York complete are our eyes on the east coast. Our Cuba Cruise Ship Tracker has no camera companion website, as the island is far behind the rest of the western hemisphere in technology. But, with Cuba increasingly becoming a destination of choice, more cruise ships are visiting Cuba or cruising in that region of the Caribbean.  This means some cruise ships visiting Cuba will have their Cruise Ship Webcams live feeds available for viewing.

In the western United States, Webcams in Hawaii joined our Hawaii Cruise Ship Tracker to keep it real, especially with the volcano action heating up.

Currently, we working on our River Cruise Ship Tracker, Mediterranean and North Sea trackers to compliment our Webcams in Europe website which is also getting an upgrade this weekend. Watch this space for news on other network upgrades in the coming weeks.

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