California Cruise Ship Tracker and Bahamas Ship Tracker Upgrades

California Cruise Ship Tracker and Bahamas Ship Tracker Upgrades
California Cruise Ship Tracker and Bahamas Ship Tracker Upgrades

California Cruise Ship TrackerWe have relaunched two of our most popular cruise ship trackers, California and Bahamas, one for the west coast and one for the east coast. Like the others which have been transformed from the light  blue template to the red, black and white, the websites are mobile-friendly, have search capabilities and interlink with the other Cruise Ship Wave Network websites (via the footer) which have already been renovated in 2018.

Coming this weekend in the upgrades are: Hawaii Cruise Ship Tracker, New York Cruise Ship Tracker, Cuba Cruise Ship Tracker and River Cruise Ship Tracker. There is a huge update to River which will include the European Rivers and U.S. rivers with better defined navigation options to help you quickly get where you want to be. The primary aim of the Cruise Ship Wave Network since 2005, is to get you where you want to be using the standard practice of acceptable website design –  the “3 click rule”, no matter where you are within our network. (see video below)Bahamas Cruise Ship Tracker

What is the 3 Click Rule? “The three click rule is an unofficial web design rule concerning the design of website navigation. It suggests that a user of a website should be able to find any information with no more than three mouse clicks.” Since our network is collection of more than 70 websites, we treat them as one unit and apply the same acceptable web practice rules. If you go to a website and they keep you clicking and not getting the information you came to view (bait and switch), leave. Their primary goal is to rack up page views, not enhance the user experience. Why would a website want to keep you clicking? They likely have an ad server which is paying the website owner based on page views (cpm), not clicks (cpc).

The next week will follow with North Sea Cruise Ship Tracker, Mediterranean Ship Tracker and Asia Cruise Ship Tracker. When we are done, you will able to get from any one website in our network, to any other website in the network, via the footer and top navigation bar. On all other non-tracker websites as well, you will see the most recent posts in our blog.

California Cruise Ship Tracker includes the cruise port trackers for:

Catalina Island
Cabo San Lucas
La Paz
Long Beach
Los Angeles
Puerto Penasco
Puerto Vallarta
San Diego
San Francisco

Bahamas Ship Tracker includes the cruise port trackers for:

Castaway Cay
Conception Island
Freeport – Port Lucaya
Grand Bahama Island
Great Stirrup Cay
Half Moon Cay
Harbour Island

Video:Website Design for Small Businesses – The Three Click Rule