Passenger Released From Prison After Alleged Cruise Ship Murder

Passenger Released From Prison After Alleged Cruise Ship Murder

Daniel Belling has been released from Regina Coeli prison in Rome, Italy. According to Italian news organization ‘Corriere Della Sera’, Mr Belling’s lawyers Luigi Conti and Laura Camomilla asked Rome Court for his release on bail.  Police say Belling murdered is wife (see video below) and threw her body overboard inside her missing suitcase.

Police say that the investigation is ongoing and there may still be a trial. For now, Belling is free to go back to Ireland with his children.

Li Yinglei, 36, embarked on a MSC Cruises’ MSC Magnifica 10-day Mediterranean cruise with her husband Daniel Belling, 46, and their two children ages six and four on February 9, 2017. When the cruise ship returned to Civitavecchia, Italy, Belling disembarked with his children, but Li Yinglei was nowhere to be seen.

Other Mediterranean Cruise Ship Murders Alleged

Micki Kanesaki – On Friday, May 26, 2006, Micki Kanesaki, 52, from California and her ex-husband California attorney Lonnie Loren Kocontes, 48, were passengers aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s cruise ship Island Escape exploring the Mediterranean.

Kanesaki was reported missing to the Island Escape crew by Kocontes , after she ‘mysteriously’ went missing aboard at about 0100 hours on May 26, 2006, while the cruise ship was sailing between Sicily and Naples. Kanesaki was reported missing to the Island Escape crew by Kocontes. Kocontes is now on trial for her murder in California.

Simone Scheuer Souza – On Monday, June 19, 2017, Simone Scheuer Souza 36, from São Paulo, Brazil was a housekeeping crew member aboard MSC Cruises cruise ship MSC Musica when she went overboard, while the cruise ship was sailing from Venice to Brindisi, Italy.

George Allen Smith – On Tuesday,  July 5, 2005. George Allen Smith IV, 26, from Greenwich, Connecticut, and his new wife Jennifer Hagel Smith an elementary school teacher were on their honeymoon cruise aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ Brilliance Of The Seas when George went missing on day 8 of the cruise between Turkey and Greece. His family alleges he was murdered by two Russians and tossed overboard. There has never been enough evidence for a trial and his widow has remarried and gone on with her life. Jennifer Hagel Smith is now married to
Jeff Agne and became Jennifer Hagel Agne.

Then, there was the bazaar case of Sheila Von Weiss-Mack who was murdered at a Bali resort and her body was shoved into a suitcase. This was the case of  Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Settlements Lead To Murder.

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