Webcams in Caribbean Major Upgrade Expansion Finished

Webcams in Caribbean
Webcams in Caribbean
Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma

Hurricane season 2017 was hard on the Caribbean (see video below) The loss of lives and property left states and Caribbean nations mourning and suffering. Some as in the case of Puerto Rico, are still recovering. Many of us watched in horror as hurricane after hurricane stuck the east coast states, Gulf states and Caribbean.

I say we watched, because so many of us were glued to our Webcams in Caribbean website, as the weather continued to deteriorate throughout summer and fall. Category 4 Hurricane Harvey, Category 5 Hurricane Irma and Category 5 Hurricane Maria changed many lives forever.

For us, Hurricane Irma was a game changer, with us flying out and moving our business to Washington state on my birthday,  just ahead of the storm. We never fully physically recovered, when we rode out 2016 Hurricane Matthew in a swaying oceanfront condo on the 16th floor. January 1, 2017, we made the decision to move our business to the west coast during  fall 2017. With Irma coming our way nine months later in September, it was time.

Many Webcams in Caribbean  cameras went down last fall and we have worked this past month to replace them with the new cameras, in preparation for the 2018 hurricane season. Our live webcams in the Caribbean have doubled this week, with 100 cameras now live.

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Video: Hurricane IRMA Destroying Lives-

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