South Pacific Sees Sixth Large Earthquake Since February 25 Quake

South Pacific Sees Third Large March Earthquake
South Pacific Sees Third Large March Earthquake

More earthquakes in this region for the month, this time was a 6.6 earthquake (see new video below) – 139km E of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea (5.462°S   151.396°E) on Monday, March 26, 2018. These are considered after shocks from the February 25 earthquake.

A month ago, on Sunday, February 25, 2018 a 7.5 earthquake struck 80km SW of Porgera, Papua New Guinea. The area has been rocked by strong after shocks every since.

Two days ago on March 24, 2018, twin 6.3 Earthquake after shocks hit the South Pacific. One was located at Southeast of the Indian Ridge, and was nowhere near any populations. The second earthquake was also a 6.3 and was located 148km east of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea.

Along the South Solomon trench, the Australia plate converges with the Pacific plate at a rate of approximately 95 mm/yr towards the east-northeast. Seismicity along the trench is dominantly related to subduction tectonics and large earthquakes are common: there have been 13 M7.5+ earthquakes recorded since 1900. On April 1, 2007, a M8.1 interplate megathrust earthquake occurred at the western end of the trench, generating a tsunami and killing at least 40 people. This was the third M8.1 megathrust event associated with this subduction zone in the past century; the other two occurred in 1939 and 1977.

New Guinea Cruise ports in this region include: Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby Papua New Guinea and Alotau, Papua New Guinea.

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Nearby Places:

  • Kimbe, Papua New Guinea – 149.1 km (92.7 mi) E Population: 18,847
  • Kokopo, Papua New Guinea – 152.2 km (94.6 mi) SW Population: 26,273
  • Kavieng, Papua New Guinea – 329.9 km (205.0 mi) SSE Population: 14,490
  • Arawa, Papua New Guinea – 459.8 km (285.7 mi) W Population: 40,266
  • Popondetta, Papua New Guinea – 510.4 km (317.2 mi) NE Population: 28,19

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Video:Magnitude 6.6 earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea
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