Fake People Real Cruise News

Fake People Real Cruise News
Fake People Real Cruise News

It’s  not fake news but it’s fake people who make our “Fake People Real Cruise News” today.

Fake Cruise Ship Passengers

O’neil Persaud, 31, from Scarborough, Ontario Canada was on a pre-paid holiday at a resort, he didn’t leave home for a cruise. Yet, he died aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Adventure Of The Seas. A videotape shows him boarding the Adventure of the Seas at St. Maarten in the company of a woman wearing a white hat who appears to be resting her hand on his. Though not a registered passenger, they managed to walk through three security check points without being stopped before the ship sailed for St. Thomas. O’neil Persaud is an illegal stowaway, fake passenger.

Once discovered, Lieut. John Reinert of the U.S. Coast Guard is called to Adventure of the Seas by the ship’s agent and told there’s a stowaway onboard when Adventure of the Seas arrives in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.  When he sees Persaud, he is lying on a bed in a small room, and is restrained from his ankles to the mid thigh, and from his waist to mid chest. He is also handcuffed.

In the isolation room, Persaud asks to go to the toilet. He is allowed to go but must keep his handcuffs on. Once he’s in the washroom, the guards hear breaking glass. They try to unlock the door but Persaud is holding it shut. The guards pry the door open with a crowbar. Safety Officer Kevin Costello tells Persaud to move away from the door and face the toilet bowl. On the count of 3 security guards open the washroom door and Persaud lunges at them. They spray two cans of pepper spray at him but it has no effect on Persaud; however; it does incapacitate some of the security guards.

Security gets him into a position of submission. He is held at his lower legs, upper legs, hips, chest, arms and shoulder. The Safety Officer readies the Neil Robertson stretcher, but Staff Captain Darin Bowland tells him to get the doctor to sedate Persaud. Persaud is struggling violently for another 5 minutes then seems to settle down.

Ship doctor Christian Lintermans and Nurse Julie Cedilot are called to sedate Persaud. When they arrive, Persaud is in a left side fetal position being held against the wall by 3 security guards. The doctor checks his vitals signs but he is unresponsive.

The coroner who conducted an autopsy in the Virgin Islands found that he “died from suffocation (chest compression) after being suffocated by the people who sat on him.”

Carol Ann Washington and Paige Washington
Carol Ann Washington and Paige Washington

Paige Washington, 18 month old and her mother from Detroit, Michigan were on a three day cruise to the Bahamas. The pair were under guard as suspected stowaways hours before the child died in their cruise ship cabin, according to court documents.  When it was discovered they had no tickets, they were placed in a guarded cabin.

The girl’s mother, Carol Ann Washington, age 28, was arrested for the murder. She was charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation with murder on the high seas. Crew members who found the body of the child, Paige Washington, said she was apparently strangled.  Washington, who killed her child, told authorities she feared crew members would enter the cabin and sexually abuse her and the child.

Judge James Lawrence King ordered Carol Ann Washington, confined for an ”indeterminate period for care, treatment and observation for mental illness.”

Fake Cruise Ship Doctor

Andres Parras, 57, a resident of North Miami, who had been practicing medicine without a valid license at Finlay Medical Center in Hollywood, Florida and was working aboard a cruise ship as the ship’s doctor. Parras submitted a Florida medical license when he applied for a position as the ship`s doctor. The number on the medical license in Parras` personnel folder at AIDA Cruises belonged to a different doctor, according to information from the state Department of Professional Regulation.

Parras was being investigated for posing as a doctor in Florida when it was discovered he was working on the cruise ship. Neither Parras` attorney, Robert Friedman of Hallandale, nor the Broward State Attorney`s Office was aware that Parras was working as a ship`s physician. Parras was charged with unauthorized practice of medicine at a Hollywood clinic by the Broward State Attorney`s Office.

Berlin State Court convicted nurse Andres Parras of bodily harm, fraud, abuse of titles and deprivation of liberty. The Deprivation of liberty charge was due to the fact that he put 41 patients under anesthetic.  Read more: Aida Cruises Fake Cruise Ship Doctor Arrested

Cynthia Knox
Cynthia Knox

Fake Cruise Ship Captain

Cynthia Knox who worked as a cruise ship captain while using the stolen identity of dead woman, Christina White. This was the #1 Cruise Bruise Investigation of 2016 as the longest running scam, most troubling and most bazaar.

John Litchfield and Cynthia Knox-Lyerla-Litchfield show up in League City, Harris County, Texas. Cynthia Lyerla is using the stolen identity of Christina White and Majestic Ventures is launched by Litchfield with an expensive “World Class 70′ Luxury Sailing Yacht, the Lady Christina”

On March 8, 2016, Cynthia Lynn Knox aka Cynthia Lynn Lyerla was indicted on four counts of stolen identity fraud. According to the indictment, “Cynthia Lynn Knox was born in 1964, later married Harold Lyerla and took his name. The marriage ended when Harold Lyerla was murdered in 1988 in Lompoc, California.

John Litchfield, later known as the owner of Majestic Ventures, was identified as Cynthia Lyerla’s husband in the course of a lawsuit related to the murder (Marilyn Marks v. Cynthia Lynn Lyerla, John Litchfield, November 16, 1989) where it was claimed Cynthia Lyerla was involved in and profited from two deaths, one of them, the murder of her previous husband Harold D Lyerla, the other the alleged wrongful death of the couple’s child, Kajsa Lyerla.

During the course of the murder investigation Knox’s fingerprints were taken. Knox applied for a passport as Christina White and the Department of State began to check her fingerprints.

U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson, Southern District of Texas said, “This indictment alleges her true identity was confirmed after her fingerprints were taken in connection with a mariner license application.” At this point in the indictment, we should have seen that she married John Litchfield and was actually Cynthia Litchfield. But, the new married name is never mentioned in the indictment and in newspaper reports quoting John Litchfield, he never mentions that Lyerla is or was his wife and he knew about the fake identity all along, it is impossible he didn’t know.

This story goes on and on, with more twists and turns than Riddler’s Revenge Rollercoaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia California.  Read the rest of the story Arrested Fake Cruise Ship Captain.

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