Princess Cruises Class Action Lawsuit For Norovirus Outbreak

Princess Cruises Class Action Lawsuit For Constant Cleaning During Norovirus Outbreak
Princess Cruises Class Action Lawsuit For Constant Cleaning During Norovirus Outbreak
Norovirus Symptoms
Norovirus Symptoms

Misplaced cruise line blame is the core of a class action lawsuit planned against  Princess Cruises and their parent company Carnival Cruise Lines. An Australian lawyer is investigating a class action against on behalf of people who took Sun Princess cruises in late 2016 and early 2017.

The cruise ship crew were constantly cleaning the ship, doing everything to in their power to prevent the spread of a disease, which spreads as a result of dirty passengers who don’t wash their hands thoroughly after  bowel movement toileting.

Sydneysider William Noney was among those who fell violently ill during a 14-night New Year’s cruise to Bali. Noney says, ” The outbreak definitely spoiled our holiday. On my deck, every third cabin had a ‘do not disturb sign’ on it and there was constant cleaning of the ship.” Noney said,  “On one of the lunchtimes, an elderly passenger vomited with people all around him.”

Disgusting passenger hygiene practices and public vomiting in the restaurant is the cruise line fault? Passengers who are sick should quarantine themselves to their cabin, period. Who is to blame when passengers decide they paid for a cruise and by George, they are going to use the public areas of the cruise ship, no matter what, sick or not?

Who is at fault? – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advice on Norovirus, states,  “Preventing Norovirus Infection – There is no vaccine to prevent norovirus infection, but research is being done in this area.
  • Practice proper hand hygieneWash your hands carefully with soap and water— especially after using the toilet, and always before eating, preparing, or handling food.
  • Noroviruses can be found in your vomit or stool even before you start feeling sick. The virus can stay in your stool for 2 weeks or more after you feel better. So, it is important to continue washing your hands often during this time.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be used in addition to hand washing. But, they should not be used as a substitute for washing with soap and water.”

Clean and disinfect contaminated surfaces

“After throwing up or having diarrhea, immediately clean and disinfect contaminated surfaces. Use a chlorine bleach solution with a concentration of 1000–5000 ppm (5–25 tablespoons of household bleach [5.25%] per gallon of water) or other disinfectant registered as effective against norovirus by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).”

Wash laundry thoroughly

“Immediately remove and wash clothes or linens that may be contaminated with vomit or stool (feces).

You should

  • handle soiled items carefully without agitating them,
  • wear rubber or disposable gloves while handling soiled items and wash your hands after, and
  • wash the items with detergent at the maximum available cycle length then machine dry them”

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