Drones Can Aid Cruise Ship Overboard Rescue At Sea

Drones Aid Cruise Ship Overboard Rescue At Sea
Drones Aid Cruise Ship Overboard Rescue At Sea

On Thursday, January 18, 2018, in northern New South Wales (NSW), Australia, a remote controlled drone has come to the rescue of two swimmers who were swept out to sea,

The drone, controlled by a NSW Surf Life Saving member, flew about a kilometre north of where lifeguards were stationed at Lennox Head before dropping a flotation device down to the pair of struggling swimmers.

Could drones be utilized to rescue passengers and/or crew who end up overboard from a cruise ship? When the United States Coast Guard gets a man-overboard report, time can be lost as the nearest rescue vessels heads out to the location where the person who has ended up in the sea. What if they could deploy quick emergency assistance from the deck of a cruise ship?

Flycam technologies has a viable solution which could be launched from a ship. “We have rescued a woman in danger drowning on the Fregene coast at the Tirreno Village plant. The Lifeguard Drone, thanks to the adjustable chamber, is piloted above the bather where it releases the life jacket. Worn the life jacket and through the line, the woman is recovered and put to safety on the shore where the specialized staff welcomes her. “

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