Texas Carnival Breeze Cruise Passenger Medical Lawsuit

Texas Carnival Breeze Cruise Passenger Medical Lawsuit
Texas Carnival Breeze Cruise Passenger Medical Lawsuit

Norma Farris, 73 , from Texas was aboard Carnival Cruise Lines ship Carnival Breeze on February 26, 2017, when she tripped and fell aboard the cruise ship. A lawsuit filed on December 22, 2017, outlines the events of the incident.

Carnival Breeze departed from Galveston, Texas (see video below) for a seven-night Caribbean cruise on February 19, 2017. The cruise ship called at Montego Bay, Jamaica; George Town, Grand Cayman  and Cozumel, Mexico before turning to Galveston on February 26. The cruise ship then embarked on a seven-night Bahamas cruise.

Farris alleges she was walking down a hallway aboard the cruise ship when she tripped over a housekeeper’s vacuum cleaner cord stretched out on the floor. The fall injured Farris’s leg, which required stitches.  She went to the cruise ship infirmary and was treated by doctor “PRASAD GEETA MISHRA DEEPA”, who was also sued in this cruise ship injury lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges, “The plaintiff’s injuries from the subject tripping incident required her to be transported from the scene of the subject tripping incident to the ship’s infirmary (i.e., the only available source of medical treatment on the ship). There, she was examined and treated by defendant DEEPAK, who was the ship’s doctor.

“DEEPAK, at all relevant times, owed the plaintiff a duty to conform DEEPAK’s treatment of the plaintiff to the standard of care applicable to similar professionals under similar circumstances.
Defendant DEEPAK negligently breached that duty by cutting an artery in plaintiff’s right knee while suturing a laceration (that the plaintiff had sustained in the subject tripping incident). This resulted in blood spurting “like a fountain” from plaintiff’s knee.”

The lawsuit further alleges, “As a direct and proximate result of the subject tripping incident and CARNIVAL’s negligence, the plaintiff suffered bodily injury, aggravation of preexisting
conditions, physical and mental pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, loss of capacity for enjoyment of life, costs of medical care and treatment, and loss of earnings and/or earning capacity. The injuries are permanent and the plaintiff will suffer these losses in the future.”

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