The Best Cruise Port New Years Eve Fireworks 2017

The Best Cruise Port New Years Eve Fireworks 2017
The Best Cruise Port New Years Eve Fireworks 2017

Where will you be on New Years Eve 2017? If you don’t have any plans, why not watch three LIVE webcams with us? We have two fabulous port cams we will be watching, along with the NY Times Square celebration. The first stop of the evening will be before supper time in USA. We have the Funchal Madeira Portugal webcam with four cruise ships in port that evening and New Orleans, Louisiana Jackson Square live streaming webcam. We have also added the New York Times Square LIVE.  Click the arrow to view each webcam, then scroll down the page and watch all LIVE webcams at the same time.

Cruise Port Cameras to Watch December 31, 2017
Funchal Madeira Port Cam – LIVE

The Best Cruise Port New Years Eve Fireworks 2017
Funchal Madeira

Funchal Madeira Portugal is a Portuguese archipelago located in the north Atlantic Ocean, west and slightly south of Portugal. Its total population was estimated in 2011 at 267,785. They have an amazing cruise port fireworks display.

The time zone is +8, so the best time to watch in Central time zone is 3-4pm (11pm to 12:00am. Four cruise ships will be port:

  • Fred Olsen Cruise Line’s Balmoral
  • P&O Cruises’ Ventura
  • Marella Cruises (formerly Thomson Cruises)Thomson Dream
  • Cruise & Maritime Voyages Columbus

New Orleans Louisiana Jackson Square – LIVE

On Central time zone is New Orleans. This live stream feed will be good to watch from 8:00pm EST to midnight. On New Years Eve, the night life really heats up in Jackson Square. The main event is a thrilling 15-minute fireworks show on the Mississippi River, along with the Fleur de Lis drop, where “Baby New Year” is dropped from the roof of the Jax Brewery in Jackson Square. Midnight is Central time, but the action will be in the square all night long. Bookmark this page to watch the fun all night with us.

Carnival Dream will be in port from 8:00 to 4:00

New York Times Square is on EST time so if you are on the east coast, it will be in real time. In California, you can watch it from 8:00 to 9:00pm PT. There will be no cruise ships in port on December 31; they will be in port in the  Caribbean region.

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