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Florida Tiny House Festival
Florida Tiny House Festival
Our tiny home office Puerto Aventuras, Mexico
Our tiny home office Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

For the past more than four years, we have been living and working in a “tiny house”.  We were at the forefront of those empty nest couples who had decided that we no longer need a huge home just to host family gatherings, fill the garage with every thing we might use some year, and tons of stuff which, in truth, we would never use.

Clutter had become a source of discord as we continually struggled to locate things we needed to fulfill an endless to-do list. So, when we decided to spend more than a year working from a tiny home on a Riviera Maya beach in Mexico, we downsized forty years of “stuff” from five houses, into one SUV and hit the road in search of a clutter-free life of adventure. I had been dreaming of a tiny life and had saved blueprints back in 2012,  for a tiny dream home I hoped to build one day.

In the photo you see of our home office in Mexico, just out of view at the bottom of the photo is our bed in the same room, a huge veranda overlooking the fishing harbor is just out of view to the right. To the left is a tiny kitchen and a bathroom.  The space was huge, a whopping 180-square-foot tiny house with office.  The furniture was all custom built for us in Mexico and we sold it all when we left. We flew back to the U.S. with two suitcases, two laptop bags and a handbag.

Our Myrtle Beach home office
Our Myrtle Beach home office

We arrive in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where we lived and worked in a  392-square-foot oceanfront tiny house,  double the size of the Mexico tiny house. To the left in the photo is the kitchen, at the bottom of the photo is the living room/bedroom with sofa, chair and queen size bed. Off to the lower left is the bathroom with tub and shower and vanity.  Here we worked for three years, rode out Hurricane Matthew along with a handful of others who chose not to evacuate.

But, as the  2017 hurricane season began to ramp up with Hurricane Irma coming our way, we chose to move to the west coast and start a new adventure.

While in Mexico and Myrtle Beach we had completed work on more than 75 websites, three for Mexico, two for Cuba and three for Myrtle Beach, further expanding the dozen websites I had developed dating back to 1999.

We had been living tiny, were very comfortable with the lack of clutter and were inspired by our ability to travel light and explore new travel destinations. In early 2017, we decided it was time to set down tiny roots with a tiny home of our own in the Northwest U.S. On December 31, 2016, a plan began to form and a new website was created Tiny House Wanderlust.

Tiny House Wanderlust is the next adventure which embraces the small footprint, tiny life.  No sooner than we arrived on the west coast, a tiny house festival took place on September 15, 2017 in  nearby Vancouver, Washington (see video playlist below).  As we discovered while we were living the tiny dream,  tiny homes had taken root with both fellow empty nest couples and millennials and it had become a “Tiny House Movement”.

Why A Tiny House?

Portland Convention Center for the Great American Tiny House Show
Portland Convention Center for the Great American Tiny House Show

The short answer is freedom. If you love to cruise, a tiny house or Auxiliary Dwelling Unit (ADU) gives  you the freedom to go where the weather is best winter, spring, summer and fall. It is perfect for snow birds who travel to avoid winter blues.

Since the ports in America are all on federal land, heavily patrolled, you can leave your secured, legally parked tiny home (maximum 7.5′ x 29′ x 13.6′) in the cruise ship terminal passenger parking lot, sail away on your 7, 10, 14, 21, 30 or even 120 day cruises, then when you return from the cruise, continue the adventure in your tiny home.

This is the very reason we started  Tiny House Wanderlust. It can be the perfect solution for empty nest couples like us  who love to travel. (check state by state highway regulations) The cruise port of Portland, Oregon is a ADU friendly-city, as is Vancouver, Washington, right across the  river.

Follow us as we explore the Tiny House Movement and build our own Tiny House. See videos from the first Tiny House show we attended in Vancouver, Washington.

Videos: Tiny House (ADU) Tiny House Living Festival (Sept 15, 2017)

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, November 11 and 12,  we will have a booth at the Portland Convention Center for the Great American Tiny House Show and will go Tiny House Wanderlust Facebook live numerous times. This is a Cruise Bruise first. In the past thirteen years we have never gone live during a photo/video shoot.  See you there!

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