6.9 Earthquake – 86km NE of Hihifo Tonga

6.8 Earthquake - 86km NE of Hihifo Tonga
6.8 Earthquake - 86km NE of Hihifo Tonga

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported that an earthquake (2 videos below) shook the south Pacific on Saturday November 4,  2017 at 09:00:19 UTC. The depth of the earthquake was 100 km deep. The USCS said there was no threat of a tsunami.

Pago Pago Bay in Pago Pago, American Samoa is one of the most dramatic harbors in the South Pacific, a region known for dramatic landscapes. Eons ago, the massive seaward wall of a volcano collapsed and the sea poured in. Today, dramatic mountain peaks encircle the deep harbor.

The capital of American Samoa, Pago Pago is more village than city. The town is dominated by looming Mt. Pioa, whose summit draws moisture-bearing clouds, earning it the nickname of “The Rainmaker.” Indeed, Pago Pago draws more than its fair share of rain – the island of Tutuila is a vision of deep, verdant green.

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The eastern margin of the Australia plate is one of the most sesimically active areas of the world due to high rates of convergence between the Australia and Pacific plates. In the region of New Zealand, the 3000 km long Australia-Pacific plate boundary extends from south of Macquarie Island to the southern Kermadec Island chain. It includes an oceanic transform (the Macquarie Ridge), two oppositely verging subduction zones (Puysegur and Hikurangi), and a transpressive continental transform, the Alpine Fault through South Island, New Zealand.

Since 1900 there have been 15 magnitude (M) 7.5+ earthquakes recorded near New Zealand. Nine of these, and the four largest, occurred along or near the Macquarie Ridge, including the 1989 M8.2 event on the ridge itself, and the 2004 M8.1 event 200 km to the west of the plate boundary, reflecting intraplate deformation. The largest recorded earthquake in New Zealand itself was the 1931 M7.8 Hawke’s Bay earthquake, which killed 256 people. The last M7.5+ earthquake along the Alpine Fault was 170 years ago; studies of the faults’ strain accumulation suggest that similar events are likely to occur again.

Nearby Places

Direction data (below) indicate the position of the event relative to the place.

  • Hihifo, Tonga 90.5 km (56.3 mi) NE – Population: 815
  • Apia, Samoa 230.0 km (142.9 mi) SW – Population: 40,407
  • Tāfuna, American Samoa 291.7 km (181.3 mi) WSW – Population: 11,017
  • Pago Pago, American Samoa 296.0 km (184.0 mi) WSW – Population: 11,500
  • Nuku‘alofa, Tonga 673.5 km (418.5 mi) NNE – Population: 22,400

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