Cruise Ship Wave Network Recovering

Network Catastrophic Event October 16 2017
Network Catastrophic Event October 13 2017

The Cruise Ship Wave Network is recovering from a  catastrophic event which took place beginning on Friday the 13th of October through Tuesday October 17, 2017.

You will note the blog is missing the articles on Tropical Storm Philippe, Hurricane Ophelia, updates on Hurricane Nate and Hurricane Maria as well as the child who was killed during a fall aboard Carnival Glory.

The event also affected the 2017 upgrade on Live Cruise Ship Tracker which was launched on Sunday evening. The restoration of that upgrade is ongoing today.

UPDATE: October 25, 2017

We have been working to restore the 80 websites. Some of the old content has been lost on a few websites, but the loss is minimal.  Yesterday, new content  began posting to the Cruise Bruise Blog and Cruise Ship Deaths, with normal operations having resumed today. We have replaced the article on the cruise ship death of 8-year-old Zion Smith. We are working to strengthen the websites with updated security to prevent or at minimum reduce the threat.

The restoration is ongoing and continues this week. This event hasn’t just happened to us, the damaged is widespread. Millions of accounts have  been hacked in the past few months, many of those were major corporations or entities such as Yahoo, Equifax, Politifact, Nassau County Republican Committee and drive-in food chain Sonic.  These are troubling times in the tech world and we like others are struggling to be proactive instead of reactive.

Video: Literally Every Yahoo Account was Hacked – TechNewsDay