Cruise Ship Cameras 2017 Upgrade Now Live

Cruise Ship Cameras

Our Cruise Ship Wave Network upgrades for 2017 have now expanded to include our Cruise Ship Cameras website. This is same user-friendly, mobile-friendly template we have used for upgrades to the other popular websites in our network this year.

On the main page, you will find popular categories with featured images. On the right side of every page, you will find the most recently blogged posts from Cruise Bruise.

Cruise Bruise Blog Postings
Cruise Bruise Blog Postings

The navigation has had a major upgrade too. The top row of navigation takes you to other websites in the network. Hover on the top row, and subcategories will appear, so you can drill down to specific topics with specific websites. The second row top tool bar will take you to categories within the current website.

From every page you can hop around within a specific cruise line (top row), or by article tags (seen at bottom of article text), such as cruise line name and cruise ship name. Some cruise ships may have 3-5 webcams.

For cruise lines, the camera name may not match the view you see. The name may indicate the camera is a bridge cam,  but you see a view of the pool area.  There are a couple cruise lines which change their camera view around, but the camera name stays the same. In addition, cameras may be turned off during swimsuit optional cruises.

It is our intent to have all 75 Cruise Ship Wave websites renovated before winter, when we move into our new offices.

Please understand, we are in beta and glitches will be seen and you can report them via our Contact form from the website you are having an issue with.

Below are some handy links to help you find your way around Cruise Ship Cameras. You will also find those links in the row of cruise line camera links at the top of every page. Above those camera links, you will see links to other website within our network.

If you are looking for a specific cruise line or ship and can not find it, use the search box in our top navigation tool bar.

Cruise Ship Cameras Top Navigation
Cruise Ship Cameras Top Navigation

Current 2017 Cruise Ship Wave Website Upgrades Completed