Two Earthquakes 6.6 and 5.0 Strike New Zealand Island

6-6 Auckland Island New Zealand
Recent earthquakes along fault lines in the region
Recent earthquakes along fault lines in the region

Australians cruising to popular New Zealand ports, including Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Akaroa and Dunedin may see a difference of geography at any of those ports or nearby towns. At minimum, they are likely to hear excited conversations while in port. What’s all the fuss about?

According to the  United State Geological Survey (USGS), a large 6.6-6.8 earthquake and a following 5.0 earthquake struck the region today. The earthquake was 34 kilometres deep, 190 km south-west of Snare’s Island. However, there are no reports of damage from the large quake at this time.

Local Andy Watt reported to Stuff Online, a news outlet run by Fairfax New Zealand Limited, “Felt it and heard it. The washing rack hanging from the ceiling was rocking for ages afterwards.” (See the video below for more explanation of this earthquake.)

The earthquake was felt as far away as Dunedin, New Zealand 634.1 km (394.0 mi) away.

Other Nearby Places

  • Bluff, New Zealand 458.2 km (284.7 mi) SW – Population: 1,938
  • Invercargill, New Zealand 475.6 km (295.5 mi) SW – Population: 47,287
  • Gore, New Zealand 530.7 km (329.8 mi) SW – Population: 12,108
  • Queenstown, New Zealand 611.9 km (380.2 mi) – SW Population: 10,442

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Video: Large M6.8 earthquake strikes Southwest Pacific / New Zealand