Cabin Blood Did Two Passengers Get Way With Charles A Fink Cruise Ship Murder

On this day in cruise history, 114 years ago today, one of the oldest cruise ship murder cases found on Cruise Ship Deaths, is the case of Charles A. Fink.

This case is one we have categorized as a murder, though no body was ever found, based solely on the bloody evidence in the case.  If there is a bloody trail of evidence, the most probable explanation for a cruise ship death, be it overboard, or aboard the ship, is murder.

On Saturday, July 11, 1903, Charles A. Fink who was  brother of an owner of a restaurant at 178 Franklin St in Manhattan, New York, disappeared from the Steamship SS Hekla while sailing from Christiania (Oslo) Norway to Hoboken, New Jersey.

Fink shared a cabin with two men, one from Boston, Massachusetts and another from South Dakota. Given the bloody evidence in the cabin the three men shared, it is probable the two passengers individually or together murdered Fink and tossed him overboard.  Read about the evidence in this case and you decide if cruise ship passenger Charles A. Fink was murdered for his money.

Cruise Bruise Investigates has covered Cruise Ship Deaths for nearly thirteen years. It’s a fact, most cruise ship overboard cases are suicides. It’s also a fact  murders aboard passenger ships and modern cruise ships are rare, but there are numerous cases of both murder aboard and likely murder overboard throughout history.

We have two cases of proven murder-suicides,  two murder case trials in progress, five case of cruise ship murder convictions, two cruise ship terrorist murder convictions, one murder trial acquittal which defies all logic, two cruise ship murder cases of children where the mother went to trail but served no time for their crimes, two passenger overboard cases where evidence suggests murder, four other cases which will leave you scratching your head and several cases of murder where the victims were eaten.

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