Atlantic Tropical Storm Forming Near Cape Verde Islands

Atlantic Weather Storm Track Watch July 1 2017
Atlantic Weather Storm Track Watch July 1 2017
Atlantic Weather Satellite Outlook July 1 2017

Cruise Ship Weather is currently watching a tropical wave storm  400 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands (see video Below). Environmental conditions are expected to be conducive for gradual development during the next several days while the disturbance moves westward at 10 to 15 mph.

* Formation chance through 48 hours…low…near 0 percent.
* Formation chance through 5 days…low…20 percent.

Hurricanes begin to develop further east as we head deeper into summer in a period called Cape Verde hurricane season.  This part of the Atlantic hurricane season gets this name because many tropical storms and hurricanes begin to develop and grow near the Cape Verde Islands in the far east Atlantic just off the coast of Africa.  Roughly 85 percent of all Atlantic major hurricanes  which become Category 3 or stronger  have origins traceable to tropical waves.

On June 27, we watched a wave in the same area, which ultimately dissipated. Earlier, Tropical Storm Bret formed in this same region. Bret formed from a low-latitude tropical wave that had moved off the coast of Africa on June 12.

If the storm gets organized it could become Tropical Storm Don.

Video: Hurricanes: The Cape Verde season explained