Harvest Caye Belize Police Cocaine Arrest Three Passengers Aboard Norwegian Escape

On Tuesday,  June 20, 2017, three cruise ship passengers aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Norwegian Escape were arrested in Harvest Caye,  Belize. The three men were arrested for allegedly smuggling over two kilos of cocaine.

Derson Frank, of St. Vincent; Renaldo Kerron Roberts, of St. Vincent; and Jamal Nathus Celise, of St. Lucia, were arrested and charged with two counts of drug trafficking after the ship’s security found over two kilos of cocaine in the cabin they were booked into.

The three passengers are in Belize Central Prison located in Hattieville, Belize until their court date on August 30.

The prison,  nicknamed ‘Hattieville Ramada’, has been run by The Kolbe Foundation since 2002. The Lubbock, Texas foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization.  In 2002, it replaced a century-old prison that closed and later became the Belize Museum.

On February 26 this year Jonathan Galan, 34, from Guatemala escaped from the prison.  Galan was   imprisoned for drug trafficking.

Video: The Belize Central Prison & the Kolbe Foundation