MSC Musica Crew Missing Overboard During Adriatic Sea Cruise

MSC Musica crew overboard Adriatic Sea

Simone Scheuer Souza

MSC Cruises’ MSC Musica cruise ship crew member Simone Scheuer Souza, 36, has gone overboard while the cruise ship was in the Adriatic Sea between Venice, Italy and Brindisi, Italy on Sunday, June 18, 2017.

In another recent MSC Cruises missing cruise ship woman case, on February 10, 2017, cruise ship passenger Li Yinglei, 36, from Italy was aboard cruise ship MSC Magnifica, when she went missing.

Her husband, Daniel Belling, 46, has been arrested and accused of killing her, putting her body in a suitcase and throwing her overboard. Her body has not been found.

Also in the news,  on Sunday, on June 18, 2017, voters passed a referendum to ban large cruise ships from the lagoon in the center of Venice. Venice is a town of 55,000 people. Almost 17,874 voters cast a ballot opposing cruise ship travel by more than 600 cruise ships sailing past St. Mark’s Square each year.

Though about 1.6 million tourists enter or leave the lagoon each year on ships, it said that only 500,000 passengers visited the city, a small proportion of the 24 million annual visitors.

A murder investigation has begun related to the death of Simone Scheuer Souza, so this case  has been moved to the Cruise Ship Deaths website.