Anthem of the Seas New York Passenger Arrest Cocaine Bermuda

We posted earlier about two cruise ship passenger who were arrested after crew from Norwegian Dawn turned in passenger for marijuana possession. Both passengers lived in stated where medical marijuana is legal.

However, in no U.S; state is cocaine legal.   Anthem of the Seas passenger,  Akeem Thompson, 29, from from Brooklyn, New York,  admitted to possessing 0.04 grams of cocaine and 0.51g of methamphetamine on June 3 while the cruise ship was in Bermuda.

Thompson was on  the cruise with his parents.

The court was told the illegal drugs “were discovered after the head pool attendant found an iPhone on deck 14. When he pulled off the case to check for the model number, he found a small plastic bag containing a white powder and another bag containing a grey powder.”

He alerted security and a review of the CCTV footage showed Akeem Thompson with the phone minutes before it was found by the crew member. Thompson was arrested and taken to the Hamilton Bermuda Police Station.

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo handed him two $200 fines, which were both increased to $300 because the drugs fall under Schedule 5 of the Misuse of Drugs Act and are subject to an increased penalty.

It is interesting to note in the case we posted earlier for two people who had marijuana, in one case the fine was much worst than for this cocaine possession.

In that case, “Bermuda Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo fined Gotter $1,000 for each of the importation offences and $300 for possessing the pipe. He fined Cochburn $300 for the cannabis, and a further $150 for her possession for the pipes.”

Be careful while in Bermuda, what you say and do while aboard the cruise ship. The video below explains why.

Video: Cruise Nightmare Couple Kicked Off the Ship in Bermuda