Adventure of the Seas Martinique Fish Story Of Survival

Crew members aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Adventure of the Seas rescued two men in a fishing boat, about 800 kilometers off the coast of St. Lucia.

The cruise ship embarked from San Juan, Puerto Rico on Saturday June 10, 2017. The next port was  Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands on Sunday June 11. June 12, they were on the way to Willemstad, Curaçao when the ship came upon a disabled fishing boat.

The saga apparently began when the three men embarked from Martinique on Friday, May 19, headed towards St. Lucia. The last time anyone heard from them was on Saturday, May 20.

Richie James wearing a ‘fishing’ hat

Ismael Nemorin, aka Ti Costo  – 26 from Martinique, Richie James – 22 from Saint Lucia and Christophe Quimper, aka Bato – 43 were reportedly all aboard the fishing boat Loyalty when it left port at Martinique.

The rescued pair claim they were on a  “fishing expedition” aboard Loyalty, when the boat had engine problems during the return trip. Loyalty started drifting 49 kilometers from Saint Lucia, leaving the vessel adrift for 23 days.

Only Nemorin and James were rescued.  The two men tell a fishing story to rescuers, that Quimper had hallucinations and jumped overboard.

His body has not been found, he is still missing at sea. At this point, there is no further search or investigation, he is presumed dead.

As to what happened to Quimper, Ismael Nemorin said,  “One night he tried to jump, we held him back, he said he saw his mother, and one night we fell asleep, we heard cries and it was too late.”

James “suspicious activities”

During the time they were adrift at sea they reportedly survived on “two boxes of tuna in oil they had aboard”.

Richie James’ mother Rudy Corke reportedly told reporters from local news outlets, her son was involved in suspicious activities and she has advised him many times to change his life, especially after he survived a shooting about a year ago. He allegedly responded by saying “he planned to change his ways . . . but he was in too deep.”

Another Ship Lost at Sea

Getting lost at sea can end in a tragic loss of life for crew. We are reminded of the case of Schooner Sallie M. Steelman.  On January 20, 1878 a few days after leaving Charleston, South Carolina for Boston, Massachusetts, the ship got caught in a storm, lost her sails and drifted at sea. By January 30, with the food all gone, other crew members decided to shoot crazed fellow crew member  George Seaman.  Apparently, the thought of fishing in an ocean full of fish, never crossed their minds.  So, instead they . . . 

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