6.9 Earthquake 5km NNE of San Pablo Guatemala

Cruise Ship Weather

An estimate 6.9 earthquake took place today northeast of San Pablo, Guatemala. There have been over 600 reports so far, from those having reported feeling the earthquake.

Currently, this area is getting heavy rainfall, as seen our real time, live Cruise Ship Weather Caribbean Satellite. Between the earthquake and the tropical storm weather in the area, flooding and loss of life may be possible.

According to United States Geological Survey (USGS) Earthquake Hazards Program, “Central America is very seismically active, and the region within 250 km of the June 14, 2017 event has experienced 34 other M 6.5+ earthquakes over the preceding century. Most occurred on or near the shallow plate interface in this region.

The June 14, 2017 event also follows a series of shallow earthquakes on or near the subduction thrust interface about 150 km to the southwest. Since late May 2017, 16 earthquakes of M 4.1 and larger have occurred there, including a M 5.5 event on June 10th with a thrust faulting mechanism, and two M 5.1 earthquakes earlier in the day on June 14th.”


Video: M6.9 Earthquake June.14.2017